Toman and Nestlan

On September 6, 2022, Mercer County Schools in partnership with GreenPower Motor Company held a press conference at the Mercer County Technical Education Center.  In attendance with Mr. Toman were MCBOE President, Greg Prudich, MCBOE members Paul Hodges and Mark Godfrey, Transportation Director, Dave Rose, WV Senator Chandler Swope, and WV Delegates Marty Gearheart and Doug Smith. 

Mercer County Schools will pilot the GreenPower bus (manufactured in West Virginia) for six weeks.  The first run will happen tomorrow, September 7th with bus operator Tony White, who normally drives bus 677.  Mr. White will drive the electric bus on his normal route and deliver students to Mercer Elementary, Princeton Middle, and Princeton Senior High School.

Above: Mr. Toman welcoming the press and guests

Above: MCBOE President, Greg Prudich

Above: Mark Nestlan, GreenPower Motors

Above: WV Delegate Marty Gearheart

Above: Vic Sprouse, WV Department of Economic Development

Above: WV Delegate Doug Smith