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  • High School Seniors Would like to Share a Message with Elementary Students

    BHSClick Here to see BHS Seniors                            MHSClick Here to see MHS Seniors

    PSHSClich Here to see PSHS Seniors                             PVHSClick Here to see PVHS Seniors

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  • golden horseshoe

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  • Are you a teacher new to Mercer County Schools? Sign up now for New Teacher Academy! A $500 stipend and graduate credit hours are available through this teacher academy

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  • Virtual Student Meal Pack Pickups May 5th

    Virtual student meal packs will be available for pick up tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5th. If picking up from an elementary school, arrive between 3:00-4:15. If picking up from a middle or high school, arrive between 3:30-4:45.

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    New Teachers Academy 2021 – 2022

    August 18th, 19th, & 20th

    Click Here for Details!


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  • Counselor Training

    Summer 2021

    MCTEC – Seminar Center

    June 9th to June 11th 


    • Participants will receive a stipend of $150 per day.
    • Participants may sign up to receive 3 hours of graduate credit through Concord University for ASIST course completion. Course fee is $99.00.

    Register Here


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  • Ashley Shaw



    Mercer County Schools’ April Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for elementary is Mrs. Ashley Shaw from Melrose School.  Mrs. Shaw received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Concord University. She also holds a master's degree in Reading, an Administration Certificate, and is Nationally Board Certified in Reading/Language Arts. 

    Mrs. Shaw thinks the best thing about being a teacher is the kids.  She loves seeing their faces each morning and greeting them with a smile.  She says, “I love teaching students to read and seeing their faces light up when they truly understand a new concept.  It is very exciting and rewarding to see.”  Mrs. Shaw’s students will forever be her “kids”.  “I think being a teacher is a lifelong commitment to each student.  Once they leave my classroom, I am still forever invested in each child, their well-being, and all of their successes.” 

    On teaching during a pandemic, Mrs. Shaw says it has taught all of us that teachers and students are resilient.  In this ever-changing world, we have to be prepared to teach and learn in multiple ways.  We have had to be flexible with our new learning paths and still strive to succeed. 

    Her advice to aspiring educators is to build relationships with students.  “Your safe/positive classroom environment allows them to thrive.  Help each child set goals and work to reach them throughout the school year.” 

    Mrs. Shaw’s idea of the perfect school would be “one with a happy, safe, and nurturing environment.  There would be lots of hands-on learning.  Technology would be readily available.  Students would have access to many types of books, and they would be able to find ones that they truly connect with.  They would be offered art classes and get to go on multiple field trips to get real life experiences. I would like to see all classrooms filled with smiles and student laughter as learning takes place.”   

    When she was in school, Mrs. Shaw’s favorite subject was reading.  She specifically loved novel studies in 4th-5th grades.  She remembers how this truly built a love of reading for her.  They immersed themselves in the books, did activities with them, and could “escape” to different lands simply by reading a great book.  

    Outside of school, Mrs. Shaw loves to be outside.  She enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband and three boys.  They are always up for new adventures! 

    Please join Mercer County Schools in celebrating Mrs. Ashley Shaw as April’s Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for elementary! 

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  • Christina Hulsey




    Mercer County Schools’ April Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for secondary is Ms. Christina Hulsey from Bluefield Middle School.  She received her bachelor's degree from Bluefield State College. 

    Ms. Hulsey thinks the best thing about being a teacher are the moments when she knows she’s made a difference. “It’s not always the moments when you know you’ve taught something and they’ve mastered it,” she says, “It can be the moments when they have confidence in you enough to bring their problems to you.  When you’ve gained that trust, there is nothing like it.”  Some people do not understand why teachers choose their career.  Ms. Hulsey chose it to make a difference in children’s lives by connecting to each individual student. 

    Teaching during a pandemic has taught Ms. Hulsey that this year has been hard on everyone.  Everyone has had to adjust the life they saw as normal.  We have more rules to follow and precautions to take.  “We are still learning as best we can, although it may be tough sometimes.” 

    When Ms. Hulsey was a student, math was her favorite subject.  It’s a subject where you can’t always get it right on the first try.  It provided a challenge for her. Ms. Hulsey’s advice for students considering a career in education is, “Be organized! Save your lessons and make them better.  Be firm, but gentle. These kids need love.  Ask questions. You may feel like a bother sometimes, but you won’t know until you ask.  Always be prepared!” 

    Ms. Hulsey’s idea of a perfect school would be one with a pleasant environment as students learn better and look forward to coming to school when the environment is welcoming. 

    Outside of school, Ms. Hulsey loves to be outside.  She enjoys hiking with her friends, walking her dog, and listening to music.  She also likes to have cookouts and enjoy time with family and friends. 

    Please join Mercer County Schools in celebrating Ms. Christina Hulsey as April’s Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for secondary! 

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    Kindergarten Registration

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  • vaccine 2 vaccines

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    Families Strong is a support group developed to support families impacted by substance abuse disorder. Online groups offer judgement-free and safe support. Choose a date and time that works for you. Sign up today while slots are available.

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  • Parent Schoology Training Video

    Posted by Amy Harrison on 9/28/2020


    Parent Schoology Training Video



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  • WV ESEA Waiver Request

    Posted by Roger Robertson on 4/6/2020 11:00:00 AM

    ESA Waiver The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) is posting the WVDE ESEA Waiver Request for assessment administration for public comment per the requirements of the United States Department of Education (USED). The waiver request is based on the state's decision to suspend statewide summative assessments, reporting, and accountability calculations for spring 2020. The USED stipulates, "The State educational agency will provide public and all LEAs in the State with notice of the opportunity to comment on this request (e.g., by posting information regarding the waiver request and the process for commenting on the state website)."

    US Department of Education Letter

    Click here to review the letter from the United States Department of Education.

    Public Comments

    Click here to comment. 

    Homeschool In addition, the requirement for homeschool student assessment has not been waived. 
    The deadline to submit assessment results for Grades 3, 5, 8, and 11 has been adjusted from June 30, 2020 to December 31, 2020.  Utilizing the public school assessment is not an option; however, homeschool parents may choose a portfolio evaluation by a West Virginia licensed teacher, other nationally-normed assessment published in the last 10 years, or an assessment that is mutually agreed upon by the district and parent/guardian.  

    Please contact Dr. Ashley Vaughn at with questions regarding assessment requirements. 

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Policies Open for Public Comment

  • Any person may report sexual discrimination or sexual harassment, regardless of whether or not the person reporting is the person alleged to be the victim of the conduct, 24 hours a day by contacting the Title IX Coordinator in the following ways:

    • By mail at 1403 Honaker Avenue, Princeton, WV 24740 
    • By e-mail at 
    • By phone at 304-487-1551
    • Or by reporting to any school employee 

     A record of each report shall be completed immediately by the person receiving the report and shared with the appropriate personnel.