Robotics teams from Mercer County gathered on Sunday, March 13th to compete in the 2022 West Virginia State Championship at Fairmont State University. Our county was represented by seven teams from Mercer Elementary, two teams from Straley Elementary, three teams from PikeView Middle, Four teams from Princeton Middle, and two teams from Montcalm High School. 

The competition consisted of a team-work challenge which requires two teams to work together to score as many points as possible on the competition field.  Participants also did individual skills that feature both player-controlled skills and autonomous programming skills.

On the elementary side, Mercer team D won the state champion team-work award and Mercer team E won the second-place team-work award.  Mercer team E was also honored with the Innovate Award that recognizes solid strategy, design and gameplay. Each of these two teams received an automatic bid to the World Championship in Dallas Texas, later this spring. 

On the middle school side, PikeView finished second in the team-work challenge, also earning an automatic bid to the world championship. Montcalm High School, competing in their first year, took home the Innovate Award and qualified for the world event. Montcalm also received a Judges award recognizing their effort and hard work.  Princeton Middle School Team B, who won the county championship earlier this year, also received a bid to the world championship based on their third-place state skills ranking. Princeton Middle team D also received a bid to the world event based on their skills rankings.  

The event was an amazing success and these students represented Mercer County well with their competitive gameplay and their sportsmanship.


Mercer Elementary’s Teams: 

Team 59713D: Ella Bailey, Dawson Peterson, Rebecca Hurt, and Jacob Tinio.  

 Coach:  Matt Bailey 

Team 59713E: Riley Williams, Cage McMillion, James “JD” Hall, and Brayden Wilamowski  

Coach: Scott Nystrom. 


Straley Elementary’s Teams: 

Straley 1: Dylan Donithan, Elijah Graham, Hunter Peak, and Johnathan Morgan 

Straley 2: Kinsley Rode, Peyton Hearn, Timmy Lee, and Ryan Barker 


Montcalm Middle School’s Teams: 

Team Storm Brain: Marley Kade, Makiya Riffe, Kelly Scaggs 

Team Robo-Revolution: Jacob Crawford, Gavin Johnson, Jerran Pendry 


PikeView Middle School’s Teams 

Team 1: Jonah Nolan and Landon Palmer 

Team 2: Ben Williams, Landon Lester, Parker Shrewsbury, Christian Shrewsbury, Lucas Demes, and Luke Brown 

Team 3: Levi Maddox, Joanna Williams, and Matthew Weiss 

Coach: Heather Shrewsbury 


Princeton Middle School’s Teams: 

Team A: Cory Thomas, Jacob Flanigan, Sameer Aboulhosn, Miller Cox, and Leland Pennington 

Team B: Autumn Beeman, Zoey Kanode, and Jadyn Yahya 

Team D: Peyton Richards, Jessie Graham, Aryn Gallman 

Team F: Corey Rife, Thomas McKenzie, Alex Barrett, Memphis Hurt 

Coach: Derek Belcher 

Princeton Middle