• Welcome to the updated Mercer County Schools website.  Our goal is to provide information in a logical, well-organized format. To accommodate this goal, the different website sections can be accessed by the drop-down lists at the top of the home page (scroll up). 

    As we work to reduce paper consumption, more announcements, forms, and materials will become available electronically on our website.  A new section called ‘Students & Parents’ has been created to store these documents so they can be accessed easily when needed. 

    Due to the high cost of the printed calendars, it is not feasible to re-print them when changes are necessary during the school year.  However, we will now have an online version that is up-to-date and always available.  To access it, simply click on the ‘District Calendar’ link on the home page.  Updates and changes will be posted here. 

    To view specific school information, click on the ‘Our Schools’ link at the top of the home page. Please keep in mind, the school sites are a constant work in progress as schools are updating relevant information.  We encourage viewers to check back often since schools will continue to add new posts.

    There are many more highlights to our new website.  The best advice is to take time and explore.  One suggestion would be to start at the top of the home page, click a section of interest, and scroll down to the page you would like to view.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for or have feedback/improvement ideas, please send me an email at: brent.murphy@k12.wv.us.  Your feedback is always welcomed as we work to improve and solidify our postition as Mercer County Schools: First in Education.


    --Brent Murphy

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  • Did you know that missing 18 days per year is considered chronic absenteeism?  Those days can add up fast and are equal to missing just 2 days per month.  Absences can add up before you know it!  Remember that good attendance creates academic success for your child.  Students who miss a day of school not only miss instruction, but must make up work and catch up with the new material at the same time.  Try to schedule appointments and extended trips when school is not in session.  In order for children to experience the highest level of instruction, they must be present at school.  We appreciate your efforts in helping us make education a priority for your child. #makeitmonday #attendancematters #everydaycounts

    Attendance Matters

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