PRINCETON, WV, MARCH 24,  2011:   PikeView High School has earned a name for itself in state Geography Bowl competition.  For the third straight year, the school qualified for the final round of competition, ultimately finishing second to Wheeling Park in the March 19th competition at Concord University.

PikeView Geography Bowl coach, Paul Hodges, said the event is a round-robin tournament in which each school competes against every other school – this year a field of fifteen teams.

For each of six toss-up questions worth ten points, individuals buzz in for a chance to earn points for the team.   For the more challenging group questions, teams can briefly confer before stating an answer.

The PVHS team composed of Tom White, Jacob Ramthun, Mariah Farley, Lyndsey Weatherly, Karly Ball, and Mark Jennings completed the first round of the event with a record 13 correct and 2 missed.  PikeView remained tied with Wheeling Park through the first seven questions of  Round 2 until Wheeling took the points for the eighth, putting them in first place and PikeView in second.

Geography Bowl questions run the gamut from current events to physical geography, from “Name the town which will host the NCAA Final Four” to “Choose the food product that requires the most ‘virtual water.’”
Jake Ramthun surprised even himself by correctly naming two countries to the east and two to the west that lie on the same latitude as Athens, WV. “I just happened to look up the time zone of Spain in advance of a study trip there,” he said.  “It was just a coincidence.”

PVHS Geography Bowl Coach, Paul Hodges, says coincidence may play a role but that the students read and study for the event.  “It’s also a matter of paying attention to what’s going on in the world around you,” he said. 

In the final round of competition in the CU ballroom, Wheeling Park was fastest on the trigger, ringing in first to name the “only state with a net population loss from 2000 – 2010.”  Their correct answer [Michigan] won them the First Place trophy. PikeView claimed the Second Place award.  PikeView junior Tom White was the individual high point scorer for the event, correctly answering 28 toss-up questions for a total of 280 points.

(L-R)  Lyndsey Weatherly, Paul Hodges, Mariah Farley, Tom White, Jacob Ramthun, Mark Jennings, Karly Ball