On behalf of all of us in Mercer County, we would like to welcome you back to school.

Many of you have spent all summer in our schools working with students. Others have enjoyed some valuable time off with friends and family; and others have taken a second job.

Now as the school year begins, we are all back together and ready to do what we do best — serve our students.

Whether you are a transportation professional who greets students in the morning and safely transports them to school, an administrative assistant who welcomes students as they arrive, a classroom teacher who provides one-to-one attention to every student, a counselor who ensures students have the support they need, a school nurse who keeps students healthy and safe, a cafeteria worker who provides healthy meals to hungry students, or anyone else who works with students, please know that you are making a difference.

No matter if you are a first year teacher or a 30-year veteran, your work is incredibly important — and we thank you for it.

Attention Title I school parents:
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Community Eligibility Provision for School Meal Program