Teacher Information

The following list of items contains instructions on how to access and use several programs required by Mercer County Schools. If the file is a "pdf" or "html" file it should run when you click on the icon. If the file is a powerpoint (ppt or pptx) it will ask you to open or save the file. Due to the size of a powerpoint files you should save the file and run it after you have closed the browser.

Another valuable source of information is administrative memos. They contain information on county procedures and clarification of county policies. Please study these memos carefully since consistency in the way we implement programs and handle everyday situations is very important.

Mercer County courts require monthly truancy reports for all students that have been referred to the DHHR or Juvenile Probation Office. These reports and associated flow charts for both K-5 and 6-12 referrals can be found on the following pages. Click Here

The Staff Development calender gives a list of all current and future training sessions.

CIPA Compliance (Children's Internet Protection Act)

In order to be in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), district Internet safety policies must include monitoring and filtering the online activities of students. Internet safety policies must provide for educating students about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness and response. The WVDE provides a method and curriculum modules that allow districts/schools to certify compliance with this FCC regulation. Mercer County has adopted this process. A complete description can be found at http://boe.merc.k12.wv.us/?q=node/1069

Acuity Benchmarks

Acuity benchmarks are an invaluable tool for improving WESTEST2 scores. A web site dedicated to acuity information can be found by clicking on the following link (Click Here). You will need your Edline Screen Name and Password to access the site.


Middle School and High School Math Teachers

For a copy of the training materials for Math I, Math II,Math III and Middle School Math (Click Here)


Smarter Balance Training Materials
Copies of the state training materials for Smarter Balance. English Language Arts or Math


Superintendent's Teacher Updates  (Click Here)