Services Provided


Academy of Adult Learning
A program of adult literacy offers review of basic skills in reading, writing, math and spelling, as well as GED, ACT Prep, English as a second language for foreign students, job readiness skills, preparation for entrance exams (LPN, ASVAB, etc.), and computer skills.  The program is for students 16 and above.  For additional information, call (304) 425-7953.

Alternative Education
The administration of Mercer County schools recognizes that the traditional school setting is not suited for all students.  Therefore, the county offers two programs of alternative education P.A.S.S. (Program Alternative for Secondary Students) for 9-12 students and the Alternative Learning Center for 6-8 grade students. For more information call (304) 487-1551 ext. 224.

Mercer County Schools and the local colleges acknowledge the high academic standards and professional development of the Mercer County instructors to those required for higher education.  Twelve county curriculum courses have been identified and accepted as college level courses by Concord College or Bluefield State College.  For more information, contact one of the high schools  counselors.

Energy Express
Mercer County offers a collaborative 6 week summer reading and feeding program. Results from the program last year showed a 3.5 month increase in reading.  The program targets low income and low scoring readers in elementary grades.  Contact elementary school principals for more information. 

Governor's Basic Skills Program and SUCCESS
Mercer County has greatly increased internet access at all elementary and secondary schools and has brought the ratio of student per computer to 5.9 or less at all sites.  For more information, contact (304) 497-1551 ext. 234. 

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
JROTC is an exciting course devoted to motivating young people to be better citizens by offering a variety of opportunities to learn about citizenship, leadership, communications, and a host of other topics.  Approximately 25% of cadet  graduates continue with post-secondary school education.  One cadet qualified for a Three-year ROTC college scholarship.  Cadets contributed approximately 1,000 man-Hours of community and school support activities during the school year 2000-2001. 

Mercer County Technical Education Center
Mercer County Technical Education Center is a multifaceted center providing an equal opportunity to obtain work skills needed in a changing society.  Programs are available to students enrolled in county high schools and to adults in  the evening programs.  For more information call (304) 425-9551.  

Read Aloud
The Mercer County Read Aloud Volunteer Program continues to keep an active role in the enhancement of the joy of reading.  Trained community and parent volunteers read to students in the classroom on a weekly basis.  These volunteers provide reading role models, stimulate an interest in reading and send the message that reading is fun and literature is exciting and worth the effort to learn to read.  Mercer County has over 100 volunteers trained and continues to train new ones each year. 

Career Connection
Career Connection programs restructure the educational experience so that students learn rigorous academics through career applications.  Teachers work together with employers to develop broad-based curricula that help students distill and deepen lessons of their work experience.  WV legislation was passed in an effort to give the young people in West Virginia an opportunity to acquire the academic and technical skills necessary for the jobs of tomorrow.  For more information, call (304) 487-8101 ext. 291. 

IASA Title I (Improving America's School Act)
Title I provides students with extra assistance in reading/language arts and math.  The Title I program stresses the active involvement of parents and the community within our schools.  Title I provides parent training workshops and staff development opportunities to Title I and county professional and service personnel.  One of the primary objectives of the Title I program is to prepare students for kindergarten and first grade through Title I kindergarten Four (K4) which serves approximately 200 four year old students each year.  For more information, call (304) 487-8101 ext. 271.

Special Education and Related Services
Mercer County schools provide special education programs and related services in all schools that are based upon the child's needs.  Where, when, and what special education and related services are determined during the Individual Education Program (IEP) team meeting.  Contact the school principal or the Office of Special Education (304) 487-1551 ext. 219.

School Entrance Requirements
A child must be four years old prior to September 1 of the school year in which he/she enters Pre-K, five years of age prior to September 1 of such school year for attendance in Kindergarten, and six years of age prior to September 1 of said year for attendance in first grade.

Registered state birth certificates, immunization records, and social security numbers are requiered for all Pre-K, Kindergarten, and new enrollees in order for correct names, dates, and other pertinent information may be recorded correctly.

Other school entrance requirement information may be found by clicking on Mercer County Policy, key word: School Entrance Requirements.


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