Get Ready For Geek Week 2012!

It’s Geek Week 2012!

August 6th - 9th

 Welcome to Geek Week 2012!  We hope you will find the week to be exciting and informative. The required classes are now full. 

If you registered for Geek Week a reminder email will be sent to you with your final schedule this Wednesday August 1st. If you have not  received your email by Thursday please email Roger Robertson at .


●      You may register for up to 6 sessions.

●      You must have your employee ID to register.

●      All K-12 grade teachers must register for an Edline Webpage session and WVEIS onWeb and WebTop  before you will be able to register for any other session. If you do not have a webTop account you must get one (Go to before attending.

●      Box luncheswill be available for purchase at the school for only $5.00. This is a great way to relax and spend time with friends. The lunches will include a sandwich, sides and a drink. The options will be different each day. The money will go to help students earn money for their sports team. Lunches must be ordered at least one day in advance by emailing There may be extras each day- but you don’t want to take that chance!

●      Please remember that cell phones are disruptive during sessions, so please silence them. Also, if your phone can access the internet that feature must be turned off while in the buildings as this can interfere with the internet access needed for the presentations. We appreciate your help with this.

●      During registration, please be very careful to put in your accurate email address and print the email confirmation of registration. 

●      New this year!  There will be people manning a “Genius Table” to assist you before sessions, during lunch and at the end of the day.  Feel free to stop by and ask them ANY technology related question you have. If they don’t know the answer they will find it and get back with you.


The descriptions for each session are listed in alphabetical order. Sessions are also marked to indicate appropriate audience. E= everyone, P=Primary grade level, I=Intermediate grade level, MS=Middle School grade level, HS=High School, SE=Special Education only, A=APTA teachers, M=Math, S=Science, EN=English, SS= Social Studies, Mu=Music, H=Health and PE, Me=Media, AR=Art Teachers. (Special education and Title One teachers may attend any session designed for their grade level and content area.) Some sessions will be listed by both grade level and content areas.  For example, EN,MS/HS indicates this is an English session appropriate for Middle and High School teachers.


APTA      Acuity APTA and Dynamic Learning Maps-Learn how to use Acuity APTA practice items, develop understanding of dynamic learning maps, learn new item types that will replace APTA. Bring your APTA results if available.    

E           Acuity Basic-how to create Acuity tests, understand reports, use instructional resources, how to use data from reports.  Bring your Acuity username and password.

E              Acuity Probes-how to use the Acuity Probe tests to determine what particular content standard needs to be addressed and the specific level of the student.

AR           Art Tech-Apply technology to the teaching of art. Spend time with other art teachers and share ideas.

E              Beyond Power Point-An introduction to new visualizing and storytelling presentation tools to move beyond Power Point utilizing creative technology for both students and teachers to use in the classroom.

HS           College Fund WV-Explore the postsecondary preparation available on the CFWV site, including career and college exploration resources.  Great session for High School Special Education teachers!

E              CPR/First Aid- Obtain your CPR/First Aid certification. Note this session is 4 hours in length, you will be paid for the additional time.

E           Cyber Safety (grade level) +techSteps- Learn basic steps to keep your students safe on the internet. Learn how to use the Cyber Safety section of techSteps which is required for all students.

E              Digital Story Telling/Virtual Field Trips-Enhance learning by utilizing technology to “visit” anywhere in the world! Share stories and ideas, increase excitement and understanding!

E              e-Books- This session will focus on the advancement of the book and reading and how we can prepare for the shift our students expect.  Whether it’s in the classroom, the library or the school building the shift is coming. Are you ready? Attend this session so that you will have the tools and knowledge to bridge the digital divide for your students and prepare them for the 21st century evolution of reading!

E              Edline Webpages- Required session.  Use Edline Webpages to communicate with parents and develop better home/school relationships.

E              Edmodo/Digital Portfolios& LiveBinder-Provide teachers and students a secure place to connect and collaborate and much more! LiveBinder is your 3-ring binder on the web. Take control of information, save time, be impressive!

E              Electronic Lesson Plans-Use Excel and/or Microsoft Word to assist with developing and monitoring lesson plans. Effective and efficient.

EN, MS   English Tech-All the technology you will need to address English in your Middle School classroom. Use Smartboards, Elmos, variety of software and internet sites to teach English to your 21st Century students. 

EN, HS    English Tech-All the technology you will need to address English in your High School classroom. Use Smartboards, Elmos, variety of software and internet sites to teach English to your 21st Century students. 

E            English Second Language- Understand English Second Language instruction, understand English Language Learner and appropriate instructional strategies to benefit them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

E           Google Applications- Investigate ways Google Docs, Presentations, Picasa, Video, Spreadsheets, Calendars, Forms, Sites, Maps and Google Earth can be utilized to support classroom instruction, increase collaboration and productivity within your classroom, as well as with parents and in your professional life.

E              Grade Quick for New Teachers-New teachers will learn to easily use grade quick before school begins!

H          Health and PE Tech- Technology for all middle and high school Health and PE teachers, use technology to enhance instruction in both health and PE.

P          IPAP- Use of Intensive Phonological Awareness Program.  Only first and second year teachers, speech therapists and principals grades K-3 may attend, including new special education and Title One primary teachers. Be sure to bring the IPAP kit.

P          K-2 Tech- Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to enhance student learning and increase student engagement!

M,MS    Math Tech Middle-Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to enhance student learning, increase student engagement and address Middle School math CSO’s!

M,HS     Math Tech High- Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to enhance student learning, increase student engagement and address High School math CSO’s!

ME        Media Tech- Technology for media specialists. Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to enhance student learning, increase student engagement and address media CSO’s!

E              Microsoft- This session is sure to please even the most avid Microsoft users!  Learn how to us Microsoft OneNote to share notes, drawing, screen clippings, and audio commentaries with others over the internet, use Windows Movie Maker or Microsoft Photo Story 3 to create dazzling digital stories that are sure to please, or Microsoft Learning Suite’s AutoCollage, PhotoSynth, SongSmith, Mathematics 4.0,Chemistry Add-n and Flashcard teacher resources!

E              Mimio Teach-Learn how to create multimedia lessons with the Mimio software and engage your students with the interactive whiteboard.

MU       Music Tech- Technology for music teachers. Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to enhance student learning, increase student engagement and address music CSO’s!

S,MS/HS NASA Making the Invisible Detectable-Another great presentation by NASA! All students grade 5 through 12 will learn so much from this project. Help your students “detect” the invisible!

S,MS/HS NASA Planetary Geology-Help your students get excited about geology! All students grade 5 through higher ed. will benefit from this project. Teach science? You will love this session!

P              Number Worlds- Learn basics of using Number Worlds and beyond the basics! Be sure to sign up for the appropriate grade level. Bring your Number Worlds kit.

E           Office 2010- How is Office 2010 different?  Learn to use 2010 like a pro!

SE         Online IEP’s-Small group training addressing IEP compliance, navigation of the Online IEP site, tips for completing a successful IEP and the latest information from the West Virginia State Department regarding changes to the site.

E              Responders- Learn to use your responders to increase student engagement and achievement. Responders make using Acuity easy and fun.

E              SAS-SAS in School Curriculum PathwaysR 2005 includes hundreds of resources in math, science English, social studies, and Spanish to enhance teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

S, MS/HSScience Tech-Great training for Middle and High School Science Teachers! Topics include NOVA 5000/Spark, Webquests, Great Links and Websites for science teachers, Document Camera, Digital Camera/Flip video (underwater video link with blog), SAS Curriculum Pathways and Smartboard uses.

E              Social Media and Policy Awareness- Discuss what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to social media. Learn about using the security settings on social media sites to assure privacy; examine scenarios where school staff have been investigated for inappropriate behavior due to social media; learn how to use You Tube in the classroom.

SS,MS/HS Social Studies Tech- Great training for Middle and High School Social Studies Teachers!  Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to enhance student learning, increase student engagement and address social studies CSO’s!

E              Smart Notebook Software- Participants will learn how to use SMART Notebook TM software for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons within a single application. This software includes a rich set of lesson creation and delivery features and connects you to a full ecosystem of content, tools and support. (

SE            Special Education Technology- Using your Smartboard and other technology to enhance student engagement. Topics designed for your students’ special needs.

E              Thinkfinity- Internet content for the classroom. Thinkfinity offers thousands of lesson plans for Pre-K through 12th grade covering geography, science, reading, writing, mathematics, Humanities, economics and the arts. Back by popular demand!

E              Using Your iPAD-Learn to use an iPAD in the classroom.  Explore the uses of an iPAD as a classroom teacher and instructional tool in the classroom.  This session will work on using the iPAD as well as educational apps.

E              WV Writes - Basic program overview of WV Writes for new teachers or any teacher not comfortable with using WV Writes. You’ll be comfortable with WV Writes after this session!

E              WVEIS on Web and WebTop-Required for all teachers grades K-12. Learn to use WVEIS on Web (WOW), including how to input discipline.  Learn how to access information from WebTop. WebTop now provides access to many reports you will need to see and use.  Must have a Webtop account, bring access information with you to session.

I               3-5 Tech-Everything you need to know to access and use technology in your 3-5 classroom.  Learn to effectively and efficiently use your technology to increase student engagement and achievement!

Download the week's schedule here...

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