Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan

 Every ten years, county Boards of Education in West Virginia are required to draft and submit to the state School Building Authority a Comprehensive Facilities Plan. Planners evaluate the district’s buildings, campuses, and athletic facilities and study demographic and instructional trends to project how the county can best employ its resources to optimum advantage for students of the next decade.
    The firms of E. T. Boggess and MBAJ Architects have been retained to provide the technical support for this project and assist committees as they work within a timeline. Links to the proposed CEFP are given below. A public hearing will be held on the plan June 22, 2010 at the Technical Education Center.



Goals & Objectives - Mercer.pdf

Community Analysis.pdf

Population & Enrollment Study.pdf

Education Plan.pdf

Evaluation & Inventory pages 1-251.pdf

Evaluation & Inventory pages 251-509.pdf

Evaluation & Inventory pages 510-747.pdf

Major Improvement Plan

Translating Educational Needs into Facility Needs.pdf

Inter-County Feasibility.pdf

Finance Plan.pdf

Objective Evaluation of Implimentation.pdf

Final Draft Report\CEFP Draft Cover.pdf

Final Draft Report\STAFF.pdf