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WV Content Standards and Objectives

Policy 2520.1   - Next Generation English/LA (PDF)
Policy 2520.2   -
Next generation Mathematics (PDF)
Policy 2520.3   -
Science Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.35 -
Science Standards Grades 9-12(PDF)
Policy 2520.4   -
Social Studies Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.5   -
Health (PDF)
Policy 2520.6   - Physical Education (PDF)
Policy 2520.7   -
Foreign Language (PDF)
Policy 2520.8   -
Driver Education (Word)
Policy 2520.9   -
Dance (PDF)
Policy 2520.10 -
Music (PDF)
Policy 2520.11 -
Theatre (PDF)
Policy 2520.12 -
Art (PDF)
Policy 2520.13 -
State Courses Vocational (Located Here) County Approved courses (Located Here)
Policy 2520.14 -
Technology (PDF)
Policy 2520.15 -
Early Learning Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.16 -
Alternate Achievement Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.17 -
Library Media Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.18 -
American Sign Laguage Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.55 -
Wellness Prek-4 Standards (PDF)
Policy 2520.19      
21st Century Advisor/Advisee 5-12 (PDF)


   For more information about State Board Policies visit WV State Board Policies

Prioritized Curriculum Concept Maps


Science Curriculum

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Social Studies


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US History I

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The WESTEST is given each year to students in grades 3 through 8 and in grade 10. Only students in those grades during the school year will be receiving reports.

The individualized WESTEST reports provide an estimated level of student performance on the knowledge and skills measured by the test and include three key pieces of information for each of the content areas included in the test (Reading/Language Arts, Math, etc.):

· Scale Score - A score that shows how an individual student performed when compared to all students in that grade level who took the test (to establish the scale, the scores of all students in each grade level statewide are ranked from lowest to highest). A separate scale is determined for each of the content areas at each grade level (Reading/Language Arts, Math, etc.). Therefore, the student's scale score falls along a completely unique scale for each content area. Because different scales are established for each content area, scale scores cannot be compared across content areas.

· Scale Score Range -Specific points have been defined along the scale for each content area at each grade level. These points (called "cut scores") are used as indicators of success and establish which of five performance levels a student has obtained (detailed below). If a child's score is within the score range of a performance level, he/she is noted as achieving that performance level.

· Performance Levels - There are five West Virginia Performance Levels: "Novice", "Partial Mastery", "Mastery", "Above Mastery", and "Distinguished". The designated level indicates the student's success at consistently performing what is required for that level and the levels below in each content area. Your student may be capable of performing some of the competencies described at higher levels, but not with the consistency to have attained those levels of performance.

More information about West virginia's WesTest can be found here.

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