2011+ Program of Study


Program of Study – 2011+
Career Clusters and Concentrations
Program of Study Descriptors
There are six career clusters (Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Business/Marketing,Engineering/Technical, Health Science Education, and Human Services). The breakdown in these categories assists the student in ascertaining career goals and the training/educational requirements that are necessary.
The Skilled Pathway includes concentrations to prepare students for occupations requiring career and technical program completion, including possible certification and/or postsecondary training of two years or less.
The Professional Pathway prepares high school students for postsecondary education leading to a baccalaureate degree and beyond.
Recommended Math Course Sequence
The recommended course of study in math for grades 8-12 that will allow for completion of all possible requirements for future courses of study in postsecondary education.
Career Clusters
Each Career Cluster (Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Business/Marketing, Engineering/Technical, Health Science Education, and Human Services) will help you in selecting your career options as you consider the things you like to do, things you are able to do, possible physical requirements and opportunities for experience in each career cluster.
Various concentrations are listed under each career cluster. From the selection of a course of study, the student is able to refer to the Program of Study chart regarding that concentration in selecting appropriate courses of study for grades 9-12.
Program of Study
The Program of Study is designed to give the best possible sequencing of high school courses for completion of requirements and recommended electives. The student should refer to the Program of Study chart which pertains to his/her career goal to select an appropriate course of study to achieve career success.

            Graphic Design
            Administrative & Information Support
            High Schools of Business
            Human Resource Management
            Management Applications
            Personal Financial Management
            Small Business Management
           Automotive Technology
            Collision Repair Technology
            Machine Tool Technology
            Welding Technology