Mercer County Schools Celebrates Young Writers

April 12, 2018: Mercer County Schools honored students who placed first, second and third in the county’s annual Young Writers Competition. From reading exciting stories to offering suggestions for writing, students in grades one through twelve wowed the guests with their stories. The morning’s events began with Ms. Jacinda Santon Smith, Mercer County Board of Education Member, talking to the guests about the importance of writing. She explained to the students how important writing is in the work place and in life. Following her opening remarks, Tara Havens, teacher, shared her book The Case of the Missing Binkie with the youngsters in attendance.

Stories were then shared by students in grades one through five whose writings placed first in their respective grade levels. Students in grades six through twelve then offered their insights into writing with the younger students. In order to help younger students better understand writing styles, PikeView Middle Schools’ Alexis Stables offered her unique way of looking at stories. She said that through writing, she learned to express herself. She went on to explain, when I was young, they just called my stories lying, now… they call them creative writing. Other students explained went on to explain that they wrote for many different reasons. Some wrote for inspiration or fun, some wrote to realize ideas, while others wrote as a way to escape or learn.

Finally, Division Winners were announced. Division I (grades one and two) - Isabella Riddle from Whitethorn School; Division II (grades three and four) – Shaelyn Donahue from Spanishburg School; Division III (grades five and six) – Carley Hurt from Mercer School; Division IV (grades seven and eight) – Alexis Stables from PikeView Middle School; Division V – (grades nine and ten) – Chase Mikles from Princeton Senior High; and Division VI – (grades eleven and twelve) – LeTrae Wilson from Princeton Senior High. Divisional winners will now advance to the state competition.

Congratulations to all students who participated in Young Writers.