Schools Plan Exciting Activities

PRINCETON, WV, April 3, 2018: There are numerous ways to enhance educational opportunities. This week, many schools have planned exciting opportunities for our students. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight and share some of these with parents and community members alike.

On Thursday, students from Concord University’s Chemistry Department will be visiting Athens School and teaching students how to make gummy worms. For this activity, classes will combine, beginning at 8:00 A.M., in order to allow everyone an opportunity to participate. Additionally, fourth grade students will complete a Peeps science project, plant grass heads, and begin an ecology unit with tadpoles. Bluewell School has planned several daily STEM activities. One such activity involves an egg drop where students design a device to keep the egg from breaking during the drop. Students at Bluewell will also design a hand pollinator that will transfer pollen from one flower to another. This activity will allow them to observe, make an hypothesis, test their design, and monitor and record their results. Like Bluewell, students at Brushfork will participate in project based learning activities while Ceres Elementary will offer students thematic STEM activities which include bubble exploration, paper making and plant composition and growth.

Glenwood School will offer blended learning for students. On Wednesday, students will participate in Read Across Different Grade Level Day, and on Thursday, they will hold a Disability Awareness Fair where Bluefield College students will work with students in grades three through eight to promote Autism Awareness. On Friday, students will take a group photo for Autism Awareness. Lashmeet/Matoaka students will try to solve problems to unlock the Education Lock Box. To accomplish this feat, they will work in teams reading charts and graphs and trying to solve puzzles which will help them unlock various clues. Furthermore, they will work on a STEM project called Make it Stick to create an adhesive to use on spaceships.

Melrose Elementary will host Camp Spring Break where teachers will work with students at various workstations, work on STEM projects and navigate them through an escape room. Memorial students will Follow the Yellow Brick STEAM Road to Success with a green screen production, tornado construction and hot air balloon creation. Mercer

Shool is holding a robotics competition and demonstration at 9:00 A.M. in the gymnasium on Friday. Oakvale will be hosting a Spring-In Plan. On April 4th there will be a school-wide Hoots Day fashioned after their mascot, the owl. There will also be science experiments and rotations for all grade levels as well as a picnic lunch in the gym.

At Princeton Primary, Kindergarten classes will participate in instruction focused on reading, math, social studies, science and art using the Candy Land theme. Each stop on the board will host different instructions. First graders will focus on learning about the solar system while second graders will rotate classes to learn about the rain forest.

Creative writing, jungle math, science and engineering, reading and art activities will be incorporated into a product for students to take home to share with family and friends. Princeton Senior High School music classes have scheduled a choreographer to come in and work with students on routines to use for festivals and concerts.

Spanishburg students will be WILD About Learning this week with small group and whole class instruction including FOSS science projects, multi-cultural projects, and project based learning activities. Finally, The All-Stars will shine this week at Whitethorn. On Wednesday students will be Psyched for Science; Thursday is designated as Throwback Thursday where students will participate in various historical projects. They are challenged to dress as an historical figure and share information with others about their chosen figure. Friday – well It’s a Secret – a day full of fun and surprises.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our students this week.

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