Many Ways to Learn

Today, in the realm of education, educators are taught very early during their training(s) that students learn in many different ways.  Some kids learn by touching.  Some learn by seeing, while others learn best by hearing.  One way all kids learn is by participating.  Whether it is in an academic subject or in an athletic arena, learning takes place. 

Today, Bluefield High School students learned that teamwork, dedication, and practice can pay dividends.  They have learned that to truly be a winner, they have to work as a team.  They have learned that while one person may excel in one area, another person excels in a different way. They have learned that recognizing their strengths and their weakness only helps them to be successful. 

Today, the BHS football team boarded busses to take them to Wheeling, WV, to participate in the Super Six AA Football Championship game.  We would like to wish this team well, for we know that win or lose the game, many lessons have been learned by the 2017 BHS Football Team.