PRINCETON, WV, October 11, 2017:  During a 1:00 P.M. ceremony, Straley School third grade students received personal copies of Webster’s Student Dictionary.  Although only one school hosted the Dictionary Project, every third grade student in Mercer County received a dictionary, compliments of a unique collaboration between Bluefield State College, Concord University, and the Bluefield and Princeton Rotary Clubs.  Ms. Kimberly Gross – Interim Director of Communications and Assistant to the President of Bluefield State College, Dr. Kendra Boggess – President of Concord University, Dr. Deborah Halsey-Hunter - Bluefield Rotary, and Mercer County Family Court Judge Lisa Clark from the Princeton Rotary represented these establishments at the ceremony.

Now in its eleventh year, the project has awarded over 7,000 books to Mercer County students for their personal use at home.  The project’s partners believe it is a worthwhile investment.

Following the words of welcome, Dr. Deborah Akers - Superintendent of Mercer County Schools – spoke to students about the many ways a dictionary can be used to assist in education.   Ms. Kimberly Gross, Dr. Deborah Halsey-Hunter, Dr. Kendra Boggess, and Judge Lisa Clark also talked with the students about the many benefits of owning and using a dictionary.

Prior to distributing the dictionaries to the Straley students, Ms. Angela Damon, principal of Straley School, accepted the dictionaries on behalf of all students in Mercer County. Additionally, she thank all who assisted in providing these dictionaries for MCS students. 

Board members Mr. Paul Hodges, President, Mr. Gene Bailey, and Ms. Jacinda Santon Smith were also in attendance. 

Dr. Deborah Akers, Superintendent, would like to thank Concord University, Bluefield State College, and the Princeton and Bluefield Rotary Clubs for their generous dictionary donation to Mercer County Schools.