Spotlight on Mercer County High Schools

PRINCETON, WV, November 1, 2016:   The high schools are the final stop in the travels around Mercer County Schools. Educating the whole child is still a top priority for secondary educators.  In order to accomplish this goal, high schools include numerous programs and clubs to encourage students to participate and to become involved in their community.  Educational research heavily documents that family and community involvement is the one key factor which helps to motivate students to learn – to learn about academics, to learn about the arts, to learn about athletics. 

Administrators and faculty alike are devoted to helping students at Bluefield High School (BHS) succeed and make life-long memories. Through athletics, they are excelling in football, basketball, and tennis.  While learning how to maintain physical fitness, these students are playing in and winning state playoffs and/or state championships.  In order to accomplish this feat, these students learn to work together, and they learn the benefits of teamwork.  Students are also learning the benefits of being involved in the arts -- such as increased ACT and SAT scores.  These increases have led to a twenty (20) percent increase in the number of students earning the Promise Scholarship at BHS.  This year, the resurgence of Journalism and the production of a professional monthly newsletter, which is being sent home to all students, is making BHS proud, and it is helping students understand the benefits of belonging to a community.           

Montcalm High School students have many accomplishments to boast about as well.  In order to educate the whole child, students are encouraged to participate in clubs on club day.  From gaining assistance in academics, to participating in the academic bowl, to being active artistically, MHS students are learning that education is more than just reading, writing, and math.  Additionally, students are participating in Social Studies and Science Fairs at the local, regional, and state levels.  These activities led to a large increase in the number of students taking the ACT and/or taking advanced courses during high school.            

Pride abounds at PikeView High School (PVHS) with the mere mention of the Academic Bowl competitions.  This is because PVHS has won the Academic Bowl trophy for the last four years.  Students at PVHS are also participating in and placing in regional and state athletic events.  Bridge Design and Building competition teams have placed at the regional and state levels as well.  Students who participate in JROTC, RAZE, SADD, and Key Club are learning teamwork and community through volunteering.  (Did we mention PVHS has won the Academic Bowl for the last four years?) Seriously, students at PVHS are proud – proud of their school, proud of their community, and proud to be learning about spirit and competition.           

Princeton Senior High School students and faculty are committed to renewing their Tiger Pride.  From Spirit Fridays to class specific cheers to notes thanking an educator for helping a student succeed, PSHS students are creating a caring community of learners.  Their Fine Arts program excels instrumentally and vocally. They earn top ratings in competitions.  The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club feeds over four hundred (400) senior citizens at the annual Christmas dinner.  Students in English class organize and host a Holocaust Remembrance event at the Chuck Mathena Center for the community. PSHS is dedicated to finding ways to help children learn about academics and to help them learn about community.            

For many students, the Mercer County Technical Education Center (MCTEC) is not the final stop but the first stop – the first stop in understanding the career path they want to follow.  At MCTEC, students built a campus store, a greenhouse, a bridge, and replaced the flooring in the seminar center.  Several programs have worked together to complete these unique projects.  Through SKILLS USA, students have won medals locally, statewide, and in national competitions.  These same students also serve as state officers in the SKILLS program.  Like other secondary schools in Mercer County, MCTEC takes pride in not only teaching students to build tangible items but also in teaching students to build a future.

Mercer County Public Schools takes great pride in educating the whole child. We teach students the meaning of teamwork.  We teach students the meaning of community.  We teach students how to build for the future.

  • Bluefield High School – Promise Scholarships, Won Mercer Cup, Athletics
  • Montcalm High School – Curriculum Fairs, Teacher of the Year, College Prep Courses
  • PikeView High School – Academic Bowl Champions, Bridge and Building Design, Athletics
  • Princeton High School – Tiger Pride, Fine Arts, Community Service
  • MCTEC – Campus Projects, Community Awareness, Skills USA