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Spotlight on Mercer County
Elementary Schools

PRINCETON, WV, October 1, 2016:  Two months into the school year, when visiting schools it is very easy to see that education involves so much more than pencils, papers, and books.  Although educators in Mercer County are devoted to teaching reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, and physical education, schools have many other activities which assist in educating the whole child.  Many times these activities are the ones which create the most school pride since they allow the students to develop a sense of ownership and a sense of community.  These activities tend to be the ones students recall long after leaving elementary school, and they are the activities students reminisce about when the attend class reunions.  These are also the activities which help students feel not only a sense of pride in their school(s) but also a sense of pride in themselves. 

Traveling around Mercer County, at Athens School the students and the community are working hard to improve the school grounds and to build a new playground.   As a school community, they participate in the Athens town recycling of newspapers, plastic, and cardboard programs.   Through a partnership with Concord University, Athens School utilizes students to help tutor after school.  Like most elementary schools, their Fall Festival garners tremendous support from students, teachers and community members. 

Bluefield Intermediate School is proud to promote leadership skills in their students.  Fifth gradestudents work in the PBIS (Positive Behavioral and Intervention Support school safety patrol program.  Students are also working on a school newspaper.  In order to increase parent involvement in school functions, trainings are offered for parents by school faculty and staff. 

Bluewell School is enthusiastic about their Monday morning celebration of attendance, behavior, and academics.  Every Monday morning students are selected (based on the above criteria) and awarded a gold medal to wear for the week.  This celebration occurs in front of the whole school.  Needless to say, students wear their medals proudly. 

Brushfork School is also happy to promote their Positive Behavior Program (PBS).  Throughfundraising Brushfork was able to raise over sixteen hundred dollars to reward students for positive behavior and good citizenship.

Like many elementary schools in Mercer County, Ceres has a strong Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to help support the students, school, and teachers.  They have also been working diligently with students to help implement positive character traits and to help motivate students to want to learn.

Lashmeet/Matoaka School believes educating the whole child is their most important mission.  For example, they plan a Veteran’s Day program to help students identify with the veterans in the community as well as to learn about patriotism.  They also encourage student involvement in community and school programs such as Student Council, National Elementary Honor Society and K-Kids.  These activities encourage engaging, fun, and hands-on learning activities.

Melrose offers several after-school programs to encourage student involvement.  These programs include a Tennis Club, Lego Club, and an Art Club.  Their SOAR (Student’s Observing Awesome Responsibility) program is a huge success.  Students are stepping into leadership roles with programs like Lead Cardinals, Make a Difference Club, and Safety Patrol.

 For students at Memorial Primary School, becoming lifelong learners is the goal.  For the second year, they have used the Minds in Motion Program to teach specific skills to improve coordination and agility.  They also welcome relationships with local community organizations which provide resources to support attendance and after school tutoring programs.

 Mercer School prides themselves in creating an atmosphere and culture that supports the social and emotional health of their students.  They provide activities which help students take ownership in their work and in their school while teaching organizational skills.  One such activity is Grandparents Day.  On this day, each grade level has over one hundred visitors for their annual tea. 

Montcalm Elementary strives to involve parents and community members in educational activities.  Through involvement in community activities such as the Community Christmas Tree, they encourage character development.  For this program, students donate food items to provide Christmas dinners for those in need.

Blessings in a Backpack is one program which allows Oakvale students to reap the rewards of helping other students.  Through community donations, students volunteer their time and efforts to help bundle backpacks with food to help fellow students who are less fortunate.  Additionally, through grant funding, Lego kits were purchased to assist student in developing problem solving skills, organizational skills, and planning (by construction) skills.

Through collaborations with county bus drivers, Princeton Primary has implemented a school bus safety program (School Bus Success) to help provide students lessons on bus safety.  Furthermore, they too are working on an attendance initiative, P.A.S.S. (Perfect Attendance Spells Success) to promote school attendance.

Through working with AmeriCorps, The Office of Child Nutrition, RESA 1, and the West Virginia University Extension, each class at Spanishburg Elementary has been able to grow a garden.  Kindergarteners grow tomatoes while students in other grades grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, broccoli and potatoes.  The project provides students with information which allows them to make better food choices and allows them to develop life skills.

Several classrooms at Straley Elementary use classroom economy systems to promote positive behavior and teach multidisciplinary skills.  By choosing wisely and exhibiting strong work ethics, students are able to earn classroom money to purchase school items from the classroom store.

Sun Valley is proud of after school programs which encourages responsibility. Their Student Council leads an annual community service project to provide can food items for veterans during the month of November.  During the month of December, they hold a pet supply drive to benefit the local humane society. 

Incorporating the arts into curriculum is an essential part of Whitethorn School’s daily mission.  One new program called Lil’ Treble Makers is designed to improve students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being through singing, dancing, and theatrical performances. 

Whether students are involved in attendance initiatives, bus safety programs, life skill development, after school programming, community service projects, or developing artistic abilities, Mercer County Schools are making every effort to teach the whole child. 

  • Athens Elementary – Recycling Program, University Partnership, Community Support
  • Bluefield Intermediate School – Student Leadership, Safety Patrol, Student of the Month
  • Bluewell Elementary – Community Mondays, STAR Progress, Faculty Collaborations
  • Brushfork Elementary – Community Support, Business Partners, Academic Achievements
  • Ceres Elementary – Character Education, PTO Support, Student Motivation
  • Lashmeet/Matoaka Elementary – Veteran’s Day Program, Parent Involvement, Community Support
  • Melrose Elementary – Student Leadership, Parent Involvement, After School Programs
  • Memorial Primary – Student Attendance, Life Long Learners, Community Relationships
  • Mercer Elementary – After School Programs, Curricular Fairs, Student Council
  • Montcalm Elementary – Food Drive, Butterfly Hugs, Choir Visits, Community Involvement
  • Oakvale Elementary – Attendance, Curricular Fairs, Blessings in a Backpack
  • Princeton Primary – School Bus Success, Star Attendance, Reading Comprehension Activities
  • Spanishburg Elementary – Grandparent’s Day, Vegetable Gardens, Professional Development
  • Straley Elementary – Student Leadership, Improvement Parade, Classroom Economy System
  • Sun Valley Elementary – 1st Place Battle of the Books, Extended Math/Science Learning, Student Council
  • Whitethorn Primary – Lil’ Treble Makers, Helping Hands, Attendance Incentives


Spotlight on Mercer County
Middle Schools

PRINCETON, WV, October 28, 2016:  Continuing the travels around Mercer County Schools, middle schools as well as elementary schools are devoted to educating the whole child.  In order to accomplish this goal, schools include programs in their curriculum which helps strengthen not only the mind but the body, the character, and hopefully the overall well-being of all children.   

Bluefield Middle School is paving the way for their students to develop social awareness skills through the Buccaneer Buddies program/club.  Additionally, students are encouraged to develop daily healthy living habits and lifestyles while participating in the Bucs on the Run club.  Faculty and staff are raising money to reward students for positive behavior.  These funds allow students to purchase items from the Buccaneer store.

Glenwood works as a school and a community to help every student succeed.  They now have an Intermediate Student Council that helps students become future leaders.  These students plan many events for the school.  Each month members of the council travel to Glenwood Retirement Village to work on activities with the residents.  Additionally, they have just started a recycling program and an Adopt a Highway Program. 

PikeView Middle School is currently working with the community to help educate students on issues of importance such as drug awareness and cyber safety.  Members from the West Virginia State Police have been coming to the school to speak to the students about safety issues.  Additionally, faculty and staff are volunteering hours before and after school to help students succeed. 

Princeton Middle School is also connecting with the community.  They participated in the local flood drive, cancer awareness Penny Drive, and Go Gold West Virginia program.  Creating a positive school culture is also a goal that is being addressed through clubs, sports, and cultural arts awareness activities.  To facilitate a positive culture, trips to the Chuck Mathena Center and Barter Theatre have been planned.  

Whether students are involved in academics, athletics, or community service projects, Mercer County Schools are making every effort to educate the whole child on the benefits of being involved and on the benefits of creating a community environment.   

  • Bluefield Middle – Buccaneer Buddies, Bucs on the Run, PBIS Programs
  • Glenwood School – Student Council, Adopt-A-Highway, Community Involvement
  • PikeView Middle – Safety Programs, Academic Competitions, Positive Decision Making
  • Princeton Middle – Positive School Culture, Community Outreach, School Academic Focus


Spotlight on Mercer County
High Schools

PRINCETON, WV, November 1, 2016:   The high schools are the final stop in the travels around Mercer County Schools. Educating the whole child is still a top priority for secondary educators.  In order to accomplish this goal, high schools include numerous programs and clubs to encourage students to participate and to become involved in their community.  Educational research heavily documents that family and community involvement is the one key factor which helps to motivate students to learn – to learn about academics, to learn about the arts, to learn about athletics. 

Administrators and faculty alike are devoted to helping students at Bluefield High School (BHS) succeed and make life-long memories. Through athletics, they are excelling in football, basketball, and tennis.  While learning how to maintain physical fitness, these students are playing in and winning state playoffs and/or state championships.  In order to accomplish this feat, these students learn to work together, and they learn the benefits of teamwork.  Students are also learning the benefits of being involved in the arts -- such as increased ACT and SAT scores.  These increases have led to a twenty (20) percent increase in the number of students earning the Promise Scholarship at BHS.  This year, the resurgence of Journalism and the production of a professional monthly newsletter, which is being sent home to all students, is making BHS proud, and it is helping students understand the benefits of belonging to a community.           

Montcalm High School students have many accomplishments to boast about as well.  In order to educate the whole child, students are encouraged to participate in clubs on club day.  From gaining assistance in academics, to participating in the academic bowl, to being active artistically, MHS students are learning that education is more than just reading, writing, and math.  Additionally, students are participating in Social Studies and Science Fairs at the local, regional, and state levels.  These activities led to a large increase in the number of students taking the ACT and/or taking advanced courses during high school.            

Pride abounds at PikeView High School (PVHS) with the mere mention of the Academic Bowl competitions.  This is because PVHS has won the Academic Bowl trophy for the last four years.  Students at PVHS are also participating in and placing in regional and state athletic events.  Bridge Design and Building competition teams have placed at the regional and state levels as well.  Students who participate in JROTC, RAZE, SADD, and Key Club are learning teamwork and community through volunteering.  (Did we mention PVHS has won the Academic Bowl for the last four years?) Seriously, students at PVHS are proud – proud of their school, proud of their community, and proud to be learning about spirit and competition.           

Princeton Senior High School students and faculty are committed to renewing their Tiger Pride.  From Spirit Fridays to class specific cheers to notes thanking an educator for helping a student succeed, PSHS students are creating a caring community of learners.  Their Fine Arts program excels instrumentally and vocally. They earn top ratings in competitions.  The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club feeds over four hundred (400) senior citizens at the annual Christmas dinner.  Students in English class organize and host a Holocaust Remembrance event at the Chuck Mathena Center for the community. PSHS is dedicated to finding ways to help children learn about academics and to help them learn about community.            

For many students, the Mercer County Technical Education Center (MCTEC) is not the final stop but the first stop – the first stop in understanding the career path they want to follow.  At MCTEC, students built a campus store, a greenhouse, a bridge, and replaced the flooring in the seminar center.  Several programs have worked together to complete these unique projects.  Through SKILLS USA, students have won medals locally, statewide, and in national competitions.  These same students also serve as state officers in the SKILLS program.  Like other secondary schools in Mercer County, MCTEC takes pride in not only teaching students to build tangible items but also in teaching students to build a future.

Mercer County Public Schools takes great pride in educating the whole child. We teach students the meaning of teamwork.  We teach students the meaning of community.  We teach students how to build for the future.

  • Bluefield High School – Promise Scholarships, Won Mercer Cup, Athletics
  • Montcalm High School – Curriculum Fairs, Teacher of the Year, College Prep Courses
  • PikeView High School – Academic Bowl Champions, Bridge and Building Design, Athletics
  • Princeton High School – Tiger Pride, Fine Arts, Community Service
  • MCTEC – Campus Projects, Community Awareness, Skills USA

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