Secretary of State Visits Bluefield High School

PRINCETON, WV, October 21, 2016:    Amidst the fanfare of election news, Natalie Tennant, West Virginia’s Secretary of State, took time out of her busy schedule to visit and talk to Bluefield High School juniors and seniors about civic responsibility.  Her visit was prompted by Bluefield High student Jamaika Wallace who is a West Virginia Project Inspire Leader.  As a leader, Wallace works diligently to get young adults to vote and participate in elections.  Recently Wallace was successful in encouraging all BHS students who are eligible to vote in the 2016 election to register to vote.  Jamaika is the daughter of Erica and Mike Horton.  They reside in Bluefield, West Virginia. 
As Secretary of State, Tennant functions as the chief election official in the state.  During her visit to Bluefield High, Tennant spoke to the students about how one person could make a difference.  She explained how Jamaika Wallace had already made a difference at Bluefield High School.  She also explained to the students why civic engagement and voting in elections is part of being a responsible citizen.  

Not only did Tennant’s visit focus on civic responsibility, she intertwined a little West Virginia History/United State History into her presentation by explaining to BHS students the history behind United States Senator Jennings Randolph’s perseverance in introducing the 26th Amendment which gives eighteen year old citizens the right to vote.       
Michal Collins,principal at BHS, is extremely proud of the leadership role Wallace is taking at Bluefield High.  He said, “It is an honor when I can showcase one of my students.  At Bluefield High School we are very proud of Jamaika’s leadership efforts.”