Bluefield High School Students Thankful for Journalistic Opportunities

PRINCETON, WV, August 17, 2016:    Thanks to the West Virginia Broadcasting Foundation, Inc., Bluefield High School students will now have an opportunity to participate in different components of media.  Mr. Michael Collins, principal of BHS, says Mr. Larry Hypes, BHS teacher, contacted him this summer requesting equipment currently used in publishing and broadcasting in order to teach his fall Journalism class.  After communicating with several local media outlets, an application for funding was sent to the West Virginia Broadcasting Foundation.  The wait for funding ended yesterday when Dr. Deborah Akers, Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, received a check from the Foundation.  Mr. Frank Brady, Vice President and General Manager of WVVA presented the check to Akers on behalf of the Foundation.  
One of the goals of the Foundation is to “advocate and work on behalf of WV Broadcasting to ensure all citizens have access to quality public broadcasting services.” As such, the students in the course are excited about working closely with the local television, radio, and newspaper outlets to promote their work.  They say they are very thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.  Students are also excited to be able to reach the community and give them an inside look at BHS, a view which they might not otherwise have an opportunity to see.  
By providing the multi-media course, Hypes hopes to give students the opportunity to be prepared to be good employees, to be able to obtain jobs in Mercer County, and to be able to learn new and exciting media techniques and strategies.   
Collins says the funds received from the West Virginia Broadcasting Foundation will be used to upgrade the projection room above the auditorium, to purchase heavy-duty cameras and tripods, and to acquire computers as well as an editing system.  With all the exciting prospects involved with the course, there are also challenges.  BHS students will now have to find the news – the good news as well as the bad news.   
 Dr. Deborah Akers visited the Journalism class yesterday.  In speaking with the students, she challenged them to find a way to talk about Bluefield High School with the public.  She hopes these students will be able to show members of the community the exciting educational opportunities Bluefield High has to offer students.