PRINCETON, WV, November 18, 2015:  During a 10:00 A.M. ceremony today, Glenwood School third grade students received personal copies of Webster’s Student Dictionary.  Although only one school hosted the Dictionary Project, every third grade student in Mercer County received a dictionary, compliments of a unique collaboration between Bluefield State College, Concord University, and the Bluefield and Princeton Rotary Clubs.  Dr. Marsha Krotseng – President of Bluefield State College, Ms. Connie Shumate – Librarian of Concord University, Larry Ratliff - Bluefield Rotary, and Tammie Lucas from the Princeton Rotary represented these establishments at the ceremony.

Now in its tenth year, the project has awarded over 6,000 books to Mercer County students for their personal use at home.  The project’s partners believe it is a worthwhile investment.

Following the words of welcome and a brief history lesson on Noah Webster from Dr. Deborah Akers - Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, Dr. Marsha Krotseng, Ms. Connie Shumate, and Mr. Larry Ratliff each spoke to over 80 third grade students at Glenwood School.  Dr. Krotseng explained to the students the importance of education, of being a lifelong learner, and of being able to use their dictionaries throughout their years in school.  Ms. Shumate spoke to the students about titles and explained that while her title at Concord was Librarian, her favorite title is Nana.  She also encouraged the students to learn new words every day.  Mr. Ratliff wanted the students to know that the Bluefield Rotary was extremely happy to help with this project.

Prior to Larry Ratliff and Tammie Lucas – Princeton Rotary – distributing the dictionaries to the Glenwood students, Ms. Ivie Radford, third grade student at Glenwood, accepted the dictionaries on behalf of all Glenwood students.

Mr. Michael Morgan, Principal of Glenwood School, said, “On behalf of Glenwood School and all the schools in Mercer County, we want to sincerely thank all who helped with this project.  We truly believe the dictionaries will be useful to our students for years to come.”

Dr. Deborah Akers, Superintendent, would like to thank Concord University, Bluefield State College, and the Princeton and Bluefield Rotary Clubs for their generous dictionary donation to Mercer County Schools.