Oakvale Celebrates Career Exploration Day

PRINCETON, WV, October 27, 2015:   Recently, Oakvale Elementary School celebrated College Exploration Week by holding its first annual Career Day.  Individual business representatives from the community came to the school to present specifics, including educational requirements, relating to their various occupations.  Students in grades K – 5 visited each career station on a rotating schedule. 

Some of the businesses present included Bluefield State College faculty and students joined by Hearth Robotics.  They demonstrated robots which were able to function without human control.  Weiss Trucking demonstrated some of the equipment and technology on the cab of a tractor trailer.  Each student was able to board the cab to see the equipment used in this industry.  Representatives from First Community Bank taught students about various types of banking accounts, the importance of savings, and the processes for counting currencies.  Mr. Rocky Hodges, a member of the National Guard, discussed the duties of the Guard and his duties while serving as an architectural engineer.  Coal miner, Dave Moore, spoke with the students, while also demonstrating his mining gear, about the importance of the mining industry.  State Police representative, Sargent Clemmons, taught the students how to take fingerprints, and she discussed job responsibilities of police workers.  Brent Murphy, Director of Technology for Mercer County Schools, explained to the students the process for breaking down and assimilating a computer. 

Career Exploration Day demonstrated for students the strategies and techniques utilized in various occupations. It also exposed them to hands on experiences that helped to broaden their understanding of careers.

Principal of Oakvale School, LaCosta Hodges, says, “Career day was an exciting event at Oakvale Elementary.  Students learned about careers that are relevant to them.  This day also showed them that they can be anything they want to be.  Every presentation was engaging and fun.”

The Mercer County Board of Education, Dr. Deborah Akers-Superintendent, and LaCosta Hodges would like to thank all the businesses for assisting and Career Connections with offering Mercer County students educational opportunities to learn about the various career opportunities available to them.