Opportunities Abound at Glenwood School

PRINCETON, WV, October 19, 2015:   Administrators and staff at Glenwood School are working hard to ensure all students maximize their educational opportunities while remaining safe.  Michael Morgan, principal, feels Glenwood is a very unique school.  He elaborated by explaining, “Glenwood is the only K-8 school in Mercer County.  We are able to develop a true sense of family because we keep students for nine (9) years.”

One recent opportunity the Glenwood family of third grade students was able to experience involved a visit from the judge – Judge Aboulhosn.  The visit was precipitated by a third grade Social Studies unit which detailed the judicial process.  Needless to say, the vocabulary for this unit was foreign to the students.  To assist students, Judge Aboulhosn hosted a mock trial.  The defendant was none other than the The Big Bad Wolf with the plaintiff being Curly Pig.  By the time The Big Bad Wolf knew what blew him down, the students were masters at content vocabulary words like judge, jury, trial, defendant and prosecutor.
In order to improve student leadership opportunities, Glenwood School is also utilizing middle and elementary student councils.  In order to serve as an officer for either council, students were required to campaign, give a campaign speech, and participate in the election process.  These procedures allowed all students in grades three through eight to take part in an actual voting experience.  Students serving on the middle school council are responsible for planning the fall festival and all homecoming activities as well as participating in the Adopt A Highway program.  The elementary council plans an evening school clean-up, Autism Awareness month activities, a monthly visit to Glenwood Retirement Village for crafting with the seniors, collecting supplies for the Mercer County Animal Shelter, and keeping the trophy cases clean.
Some of the other unique activities at Glenwood involved the second grade students.  These youngsters were able to observe cocoons morph into caterpillars and finally grow to a beautiful butterflies before releasing them. Ms. Workman’s class in learning how to prep and cook various culinary dishes in order to meet their Next Generation Standards.  Nursing students from Bluefield State College worked with Glenwood students in Kindergarten through fifth grade on issues relating to health and wellness.  They arranged a group of stations in the cafeteria to review proper hand-washing procedures, dental health issues, body hygiene, stranger/danger concepts, and cyber bulling concerns.  This week, students are also participating in College Exploration Week.  All teachers received door signs with class names and graduation years posted on each sign.  Today, students decorated the doors to their classrooms. On Tuesday, they will wear their favorite college team’s colors, and on Friday they will visit the computer labs to experience the process involved in applying to college. Bulletin boards were also decorated with student pictures and graduation (from high school) years displayed. 
To keep students safe, Glenwood implemented a new drop-off process for students this year.  They painted four red boxes to designate a safe zone for students to be dropped off to school.  Parents were requested to pull up to one of the boxes to drop their child off.  The boxes are monitored and supervised by staff members.  Not only does this new procedure help maintain the safety of students, it also helps minimize the traffic flow time.  For Fire Safety Week, the Glenwood Fire Department hosted two sessions of fire safety procedures for students which included introducing the concepts of Stop, Drop and Roll, a demonstration of the required gear worn during a fire, and developing a fire safety plan at home. 

Morgan says, “We are working hard to build positive educational experiences and relationships for each and every stakeholder at Glenwood School.”

The Mercer County Board of Education, Dr. Deborah Akers – Superintendent, and Michael Morgan would all like to thank teachers and students for creating and/or participating in projects which further educational opportunities as well as assist with community projects.