Exciting Projects at Princeton Middle School

PMS Photo

PRINCETON, WV, October 9, 2015. Princeton Middle School is trending toward project based learning. Seventh grade geography teacher David Shrewsbury has spent many hours rewriting and modifying Sid Meir’s computerized game, Civilization, to ensure that his students meet Geography, History, and Economy CSOs. Students begin with a tribe, and they continue to develop characteristics of their tribe. In order to build a civilization, each student must address in writing an overview of their project and detail how the advanced cities, writing, advanced technology, specialized workers and complex institutions will function in their civilization. The project is based on instructional turn based strategies. Each student is required to complete a product for the project while utilizing technology to complete a Powerpoint presentation and a timeline of events for their civilization. Each timeline will also be compared to an actual historical timeline of the civilization period. Mr. Shrewsbury claims that by teaching students to complete projects using technology he is preparing them for the future as well as teaching them “the way civilizations developed over time.” In order to complete this activity, Shrewsbury wrote grants to the Ludus Project, Dollar General, and WalMart. Through his grant writing, he was able to purchase 16 computers to be used in his classroom.

Will Horton’s Science students recently teamed with NASA to participate in a Webinar based on the new film Martian. Prior to participating in the NASA sponsored event, students were asked to consider what specifically needed to occur prior to humans traveling to Mars. Only 150 groups nationwide were invited to participate. Groups were given an electronic address to submit questions for the NASA representatives to answer during the web broadcast. Naturally, most students wanted to know how humans eat and sleep in space. Later in the school year, students will have the opportunity to follow-up this activity with information presented by Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield. When asked how this project benefited his students, Horton responded that it gave them a better view of the world around us, and it taught them lessons as to specific steps they needed to take in order to accomplish visions of becoming an astronaut. Another project at Princeton Middle School was held in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To honor those suffering with cancer or survivors of cancer, students participated in the Go Gold West Virginia Day. This campaign was sponsored by the West Virginia Cancer Crusaders Organization. On Friday, September 18th, students wore gold and gathered for a group photograph. Additionally, students raised $385.65 in donations to be presented to the Jonathan Powell Hope Foundation.

The Mercer County Board of Education, Dr. Deborah Akers – Superintendent, and David Lee would all like to thank teachers and students for creating and/or participating in projects which further educational opportunities as well as assist with community service projects.