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Next Generation Common Core Web Sites

• The Mathematics Common Core Toolbox: Districts and teachers alike can find support for building
better math lessons that fit into new Common Core guidelines through this helpful site.
• Khan Academy Common Core Map: Those who’ve been using Khan Academy videos and lessons in
the classroom can see how each relates to new Common Core standards using this map.
• Literacy Design Collaborative: The LDC offers templates, modules, and guidebooks for teachers
that make it simple to develop engaging literacy lessons under Common Core.
• Illustrative Mathematics: Get some guidance on the mathematics topics covered at every grade
level under Common Core.
• Teaching Channel: The Teaching Channel site offers just over 100 videos on Common Core lessons,
ideas, and more.
• Achieve the Core: This website encourages teachers to steal its tools for curriculum development.
• Lexile: Is that text at grade level? Use this handy online tool to measure a text for readability.
• AASL Lesson Plan Database:
The American Association of School Librarians has loads of lesson
plans and checklists for teachers that fall under Common Core standards.
• Surveys of Enacted Curriculum: Use reliable data to develop, plan, and compare your curriculum

• EngageNY: https://www.engageny.org/ Full years of curricular materials are currently available

on EngageNY, for grades Kindergarten through 9th grade in Mathematics and Kindergarten through
8th …
• NAEP: Question Tool for Math:

• 26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom: 

• West Virginia Learning Media wv.pbslearningmedia.org is a free media-on-demand service offering educators access to the best of public media and research-based, classroom-ready digital learning experiences that engage students in curriculum concepts.