Princeton High Students Commemorate Cancer Awaren

PRINCETON, WV, October 10, 2014:     Students and faculty at Princeton Senior High School (PSHS) appeared to be a sea of pink this morning as they paused to honor all who have been affected by cancer.  The idea to honor those who have suffered from this deadly disease ignited with Lori Comer, Principal of PSHS, when she realized she had a faculty member who is a breast cancer survivor and another faculty member whose mother is currently struggling with breast cancer.  Earlier in the week, the students and staff voted to wear pink in support of their PSHS family in lieu of wearing the normal Friday blue and white.

Comer said, “I think every family has been affected by breast cancer in some way.  It is important for the faculty and the students to support each other during difficult times.  It is also important to make our students aware of the events that are happening in our PSHS community and to allow them to make a real world connection with these individuals who are suffering.  When they are able to see someone they know who has suffered or is currently suffering, cancer becomes a real issue for them – not just for someone else.”

Autism mentor at PSHS, Melinda Conner, had surgery for breast cancer on June 2, 2014.  She is thankful her doctors found her cancer early, and she is currently clear and cancer free.  Her motto is to “have faith” in God.  She firmly believes, “He can do anything.”

Robin Gross, Math teacher at PSHS, deals with cancer every day but from a different perspective.  Her mother was just diagnosed this past August with breast cancer and immediately had a lumpectomy to remover the cancer; however, she has since discovered that she has to have more surgery, possibly a mastectomy.  Gross wants to remind every woman that it is extremely important to have a scheduled mammogram because this was how her mother’s cancer was diagnosed. 

At tonight’s PSHS football game, the dance team members will be wearing pink ribbons and using pink pompoms as a way to promote breast cancer awareness. 

The Mercer County Board of Education, Dr. Deborah Akers – Superintendent, and Lori Comer – Principal at PSHS would like to thank all the students and faculty who participated in this important event. 

Lori Comer and Melinda Connor

Lori Comer and Robin Gross

PSHS Faculty

PSHS Students