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Mercer County Public Schools offer links to other important web sites.  The West Virginia Department of Education Web Site is a valuable tool for legislation, school policy, curriculum IGO's,  technology, WV job bank, and the most up-to-date information on resources available to educators and interested citizens.



West Virginia Department of Education
This site will include a directory of school personnel for each school in the state of West Virginia.



School Closing
This site is maintained by the state and edited on an as needed basis especially during the winter months.  Mercer County Public School closings are posted on this site after 4:00 a.m. on inclement weather days.


Edline is the site that houses the student grade books and the web pages for each school and teacher. An ID and password are required when entering this site.


Favorite Resource Sites
These sites are a jumping off place for finding useful information.


Access.k12 Web Mail
Acuity from Mercer County Schools
Acuity from home or outside Mercer County Schools
US Dept of Education
The CIA World Fact Book
Teach 21
ASCD Home Page
The Educational Technology Journal
Active Academics Home Page
Healthy Hearts for Kids
Discovery Channel Home Page
Quiz Lab-Online Assessments
Math Goodies
Rubistar--Rubric Maker
EdHelper--Lesson Plans,activities,etc.
Ideas for Integrating Technology into your classroom
PBS-Public Broadcasting System
Educational Research Clearinghouse
Lesson Plans Page
Preparing WV Schools for Potential Pandemic
The Designsquad Web Page
A large selection of teacher resources
WV Writes-Students
WV Writes-Teachers
Khan Academy
Technology tutorials and Links
TransACT Web Site

SAS Curriculum Pathways

Everyday Online Math

Education Corner




The site provides information about WESTEST for school employees, students and parents at the link below. A table of contents helps visitors to navigate this site.

West Virginia/Mercer CountyReport Card
The West Virginia Report Card provides data on test scores, attendance, dropout promotion rates, average class size, pupil-teacher/administrator ratios, average years experience of teachers and administrators.

Financial Aid
This site will be helpful as a starting place for students to find financial assistance for advanced schooling.
Teacher Resources
This site is a starting point for teacher's interested in lesson plans and other helpful ideas for the classroom.  Many of these lessons were designed by Mercer County teachers.