Microsoft Office 365


 The WVDE Division of Technology is pleased to announce the transition from the Access email platform to Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is a robust and fully encrypted e-mail program and offers a unified communications platform that includes live-chat and full featured video conferencing with screen sharing and audio. It also includes access to the full Microsoft Office productivity suite of applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Share Point. Additionally, it includes OneDrive which is a secure online document storage system. This personal storage space allows each user to easily transfer work from computer to computer or from home to school.  Additional features will be rolled out as they become available.  A statewide Identity Management and Active Directory utilizing the Webtop User Management system has been implemented to facilitate account management.   

Staff accounts are available immediately.  

If you have a Webtop Account that is associated with an Access email click here for instructions on how to access your Office 365 account.  

If you have a Webtop Account that is not associated with an Access email address click here for instructions on connecting your Webtop to your access email address. This must be established to provide users with a Office 365 account. 

If you have an Access email but do not have a Webtop account click here to create one. Users must register in Webtop with their Access email address to connect with Office 365.  

Student accounts will be added Fall 2014.  

Additional notes:

The Access email system will be maintained and supported for the foreseeable future. Current plans are to keep the Access email system running through at least October 2014 and this could be extended if the need exists.  Running both systems in parallel for some time will provide users with adequate time to transition.   

There will be a helpdesk support path with WVNET. Information on how to seek support will be provided soon. For immediate support needs users may contact the WVDE at  Please understand that we currently do not have a robust helpdesk solution and we ask users to be patient when seeking support for this new system. 

For Information regarding current progress of the Office 365 deployment as well as training videos and tutorials can be found at  

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