"Finding Success With Our Most Challenging Kids"

 Mercer County Title I Program presents  

December "Second Saturday Series"

"Finding Success With Our Most Challenging Kids"

Teachers of Mercer County are facing greater challenges every year they return to the classroom: larger classes, evolving  curriculum, and  one of the biggest hurdles -managing classroom behaviors and meeting the learning needs of your students.  This training will address classroom behaviors and symptoms, their sources, and tools for effecting change in the classroom to bring out the best in our students, including the "most challenging kids" and hopefully our selves too.

I. Symptoms verses behaviors: what's the difference?
II. Disorders present in your classroom: ADHD, ODD, CD, Spectrum Disorders...
III. More than just managing, using  tools to bring out the best in the classroom

Limited to: 30 participants 
Target Audience: K-6 Teachers
Date: Dec. 14; 9:00 - Noon
MCTEC Seminar Center
$75 Stipend 

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