PRINCETON, WV, November 14, 2012:  Mercer County Academic Bowl – an interscholastic competition begun last year – started its second season last Thursday evening at Princeton High School. 

Whether because of “home field advantage” or other reason, the Tiger team coached by English teacher Laura Presley scored the highest number of points in Game A of Match 1 by out-answering opponent PikeView High 185 to 110.

Game B pitted Bluefield High players against a newly-organized team from Montcalm High, with the Beavers coming out ahead. At the end of the season, the team with the highest number of cumulative points will win the championship trophy -- a prize that has resided at PikeView High since the Panthers won last year’s title.

Academic Bowl coordinator, Mrs. Kellan Sarles, says plans call for at least three matches between now and February, each school hosting one match on their campus.  Match 2 will be played at Bluefield High School on December 6th at 4:30 PM.  Teachers, students, and public are invited to attend. 

Aligned with National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) rules, Academic Bowl draws questions from all fields of knowledge from opera to astronomy, Chinese dynasties to molecular physics.  Each four-man team attempts to buzz in on as many toss-up questions as possible, enabling them to score up to 30 additional points on each bonus round that follows.

Coaches Barbara Wills and Taylor Bulson (BHS), Robin Dalton (MHS), Laura Presley (PSHS), and Teresa Barton (PVHS) drill students on “must know” topics.  Winning teams often have one player who is strong in math, another in science, another in history, and a fourth in the fine arts.

Moderator Rebecca Broyles consistently delivers a near-flawless pronunciation of  foreign names and places, scientific terminology, and long, complex sentences.  Mrs. Rosemary Mitchell and Dr. Delia BenChabaane serve as judges and timekeepers.

PikeView and Princeton Teams

PikeView and Princeton Teams