May Profiles in Pedagogy Elementary

Amber Calloway

Mercer County Schools’ May Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for elementary is Mrs. Amber Calloway from Mercer County Early Learning Center.  Mrs. Calloway received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Concord University.   

Mrs. Calloway feels the best thing about being a Pre-K teacher is ensuring each student in her class has a memorable and meaningful initial experience with school and being responsible for setting the tone for a child’s educational experience for the next 13 years. “As a teacher,” she says, “you truly are a lifelong learner, so be flexible.  Expect the unexpected by staying prepared so you don’t have to get ready.” 

Her advice for those thinking of a career in education is if you’re truly passionate about teaching, do it!  When you love your career, you won’t feel like you’re going to work every day.  Your impact on this world through the next generation will withstand the test of time. 

When she was a student, English was her favorite subject. “I love reading! And as crazy as it sounds, I loved writing essays, book reports, etc.!” 

Mrs. Calloway’s idea of a perfect school is one where the classrooms are designed and completely transformed regularly to follow the students’ interests.  A school climate that met the social, emotional and academic needs of the whole student every day and where every student had access to any tools necessary to make them successful. 

When asked about what she likes to do outside of school, Mrs. Calloway said, “Jesus is my homeboy and little people are my jam, so basically I am active in my walk with Christ and I “mom” three amazing children.  We have one gentle giant, Hulk, and a kitten, Tunechi. 

Please join us in celebrating Mrs. Amber Calloway as our May Profiles in Pedagogy honoree!