Profiles in Pedagogy April Elementary

Ashley Shaw



Mercer County Schools’ April Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for elementary is Mrs. Ashley Shaw from Melrose School.  Mrs. Shaw received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Concord University. She also holds a master's degree in Reading, an Administration Certificate, and is Nationally Board Certified in Reading/Language Arts. 

Mrs. Shaw thinks the best thing about being a teacher is the kids.  She loves seeing their faces each morning and greeting them with a smile.  She says, “I love teaching students to read and seeing their faces light up when they truly understand a new concept.  It is very exciting and rewarding to see.”  Mrs. Shaw’s students will forever be her “kids”.  “I think being a teacher is a lifelong commitment to each student.  Once they leave my classroom, I am still forever invested in each child, their well-being, and all of their successes.” 

On teaching during a pandemic, Mrs. Shaw says it has taught all of us that teachers and students are resilient.  In this ever-changing world, we have to be prepared to teach and learn in multiple ways.  We have had to be flexible with our new learning paths and still strive to succeed. 

Her advice to aspiring educators is to build relationships with students.  “Your safe/positive classroom environment allows them to thrive.  Help each child set goals and work to reach them throughout the school year.” 

Mrs. Shaw’s idea of the perfect school would be “one with a happy, safe, and nurturing environment.  There would be lots of hands-on learning.  Technology would be readily available.  Students would have access to many types of books, and they would be able to find ones that they truly connect with.  They would be offered art classes and get to go on multiple field trips to get real life experiences. I would like to see all classrooms filled with smiles and student laughter as learning takes place.”   

When she was in school, Mrs. Shaw’s favorite subject was reading.  She specifically loved novel studies in 4th-5th grades.  She remembers how this truly built a love of reading for her.  They immersed themselves in the books, did activities with them, and could “escape” to different lands simply by reading a great book.  

Outside of school, Mrs. Shaw loves to be outside.  She enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband and three boys.  They are always up for new adventures! 

Please join Mercer County Schools in celebrating Mrs. Ashley Shaw as April’s Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for elementary!