Profiles in Pedagogy April Secondary

Christina Hulsey




Mercer County Schools’ April Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for secondary is Ms. Christina Hulsey from Bluefield Middle School.  She received her bachelor's degree from Bluefield State College. 

Ms. Hulsey thinks the best thing about being a teacher are the moments when she knows she’s made a difference. “It’s not always the moments when you know you’ve taught something and they’ve mastered it,” she says, “It can be the moments when they have confidence in you enough to bring their problems to you.  When you’ve gained that trust, there is nothing like it.”  Some people do not understand why teachers choose their career.  Ms. Hulsey chose it to make a difference in children’s lives by connecting to each individual student. 

Teaching during a pandemic has taught Ms. Hulsey that this year has been hard on everyone.  Everyone has had to adjust the life they saw as normal.  We have more rules to follow and precautions to take.  “We are still learning as best we can, although it may be tough sometimes.” 

When Ms. Hulsey was a student, math was her favorite subject.  It’s a subject where you can’t always get it right on the first try.  It provided a challenge for her. Ms. Hulsey’s advice for students considering a career in education is, “Be organized! Save your lessons and make them better.  Be firm, but gentle. These kids need love.  Ask questions. You may feel like a bother sometimes, but you won’t know until you ask.  Always be prepared!” 

Ms. Hulsey’s idea of a perfect school would be one with a pleasant environment as students learn better and look forward to coming to school when the environment is welcoming. 

Outside of school, Ms. Hulsey loves to be outside.  She enjoys hiking with her friends, walking her dog, and listening to music.  She also likes to have cookouts and enjoy time with family and friends. 

Please join Mercer County Schools in celebrating Ms. Christina Hulsey as April’s Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for secondary!