Sarah Shrader Profiles in Pedagogy

sarah shrader


Mercer County Schools celebrates Bluefield Primary’s Ms. Sarah Shrader as February’s Profiles in Pedagogy honoree for elementary!  Ms. Shrader received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies and a Master of Arts in Elementary Education, both from West Virginia University. 

Ms. Shrader loves teaching at the new Bluefield Primary School and says the best thing about being a teacher is creating lifelong learners.  She loves helping students understand that they can do anything if they keep learning something new every day.  Something she feels people outside of education may not understand is that summers off is a myth.  “Many teachers volunteer with youth programs such as 4-H camp, attend trainings, tutor students, and much more.  We care deeply about the education and futures of all students, so we use much of our time out of school continuing to help them,” she says. 

Teaching during a pandemic has taught Ms. Shrader creative ways to show her students she cares.  Even though they can’t see her smile under her mask or give hugs goodbye at the end of the day, her students know she cares through heart hands, air hugs, silly dance moves when they succeed, and extra verbal praise.  She says, “I’ve learned to be more meaningful in my interactions, so they know that even though things are very different this year, our classroom is still a happy and positive learning environment. 

Ms. Shrader’s advice to anyone considering a career in education is much the same as her advice to her students in the classroom: if you work hard and do your best, you can do anything!  Our world needs great teachers, counselors, and other school staff.  Your best is enough, and you can make a difference in the lives of future students. 

When she was in school, her favorite subject was reading.  “I was a bookworm!” she says.  I loved doing book studies, picking new books from the library, and exploring new places through the pages in books.”  No doubt her enthusiasm for reading rubs off on her students!  Ms. Shrader’s idea of the perfect school would be one with a library filled with every children’s book ever written, has connected courtyards for each classroom for outside learning, has a greenhouse where food is grown for meals, and has a teacher’s aide for each classroom to help provide even more support for students. 

Outside of school, Ms. Shrader loves traveling the globe.  She’s been to 19 countries so far (pre-pandemic)!  She loves sharing what she’s learned from those experiences in her teaching.  She also enjoys zoo photography, baking, and reading. 

Please join Mercer County Schools in celebrating Ms. Sarah Shrader!  Thank you for everything you do for our students!