Profiles in Pedagogy Secondary December

Connie Liebsch

Our December Profiles in Pedagogy Secondary Education honoree is Connie Liebsch, Option Pathway Instructor at the Mercer County Technical Education Center.  Ms. Liebsch received her undergraduate degrees from Concord College:  a BA in Business Management with a concentration in travel services, and a BS in Elementary Education K-8.  She received graduate hours in Math through Algebra I, as well as a master's degree in Reading from Marshall University. 

In Ms. Liebsch’s role as an Option Pathway Instructor, she has come to realize that many students simply need someone to be a champion for them.  She works with students who have lost hope of graduating.  She and her co-teacher, Valerie Mack, enjoy the rewards of seeing young adults successfully achieve, not only a high school diploma, but acquire skills that can be used in the work force. 

“The pandemic has redefined the meaning of flexibility and creativity,” says Ms. Liebsch. “Teachers have had to reach students on various platforms and find new ways to motivate students and engage them in learning.”  Since Covid-19, she has found that non-teachers have a much better understanding and appreciation for the work educators do. 

When Ms. Liebsch was a student, art was her favorite subject.  She attended Arlington High School in Arlington, South Dakota.  Her art teacher, Mrs. Huntimer was kind and had a positive impact on her life.  She was not only a good role model, but she also made it very apparent that she cared about her students. 

Ms. Liebsch’s words of wisdom for any young person wanting to choose a career in education is that the rewards from seeing students succeed, in even the smallest tasks, far outweigh the challenges of teaching.  When you see the light come on in the eyes of a student who now understands, is priceless.  Teaching is an honorable profession; you will work with amazing people, and with an open mind and heart, you will continue to learn and grow as well. 

Ms. Liebsch’s idea of a perfect school would be, first of all, no more Covid-19.  She would like to see programs that teach youth how to effectively cope with the challenges of life in an effort to keep them from choosing drugs, alcohol, or suicide. 

In her spare time, Ms. Liebsch enjoys reading, traveling, going to the gym, hiking, kayaking, SCUBA diving, camping and going to the firing range.  She also loves going back to South Dakota with her son to visit family. 

Please join Mercer County Schools in congratulating Ms. Connie Liebsch!