Profiles in Pedagogy November Grades 6-12

Danielle Farmer

Our first Profiles in Pedagogy for grades 6-12 honoree is Danielle Farmer, Communities in Schools Site Coordinator at PikeView Middle School.  Mrs. Farmer received a Bachelors of Education from Concord University, a Masters of Secondary Education from Marshall University, and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Concord University. 

Mrs. Farmer is dedicated to her school and students.  She commented, “Education isn’t a career field that you leave once the final bell rings. You are constantly thinking of ways to be better, kids who need something, and what you can do to reach all of your students.  You spend more time worrying about your students and their needs than you can imagine.” 

All teachers and employees of Mercer County Schools have had to become quick studies in Schoology and how to teach during a pandemic.  Mrs. Farmer said one thing she has learned is that resources are not always equitable.  Some students don’t have support and resources that other students have and as educational staff, we must be adaptable and accommodating for all our students. 

Her advice students thinking about a career in education is to always give students a clean slate.  Let them show you who they really are instead of going off the things you hear about them.  The best part about being in education is building relationships with students and getting to watch them grow and develop into young adults. 

When Mrs. Farmer was a middle school student, her favorite subject was math.  “I have always been number minded and I like the challenge of figuring out math problems,” she said.   

If Mrs. Farmer could create the perfect school, it would be a place where everyone had their basic needs met, came to school to learn, and had several extra-curricular activities to choose from giving them an education tailored to their needs and interests.   

Mrs. Farmer loves spending time with her husband, Les, and her beautiful daughter, Natalie.   

Please join Mercer County Schools in celebrating Mrs. Danielle Farmer!