Microbit Coding

There is an ever-growing need for programming and coding professionals. Because of that need, we are teaching our students basic coding skills. Students are programming microbits, a small pocket sized computer with 25 red LED lights, used to flash messages, detect motion using an accelerometer, indicate direction with the use of a built-in compass, along with various other functions. It can also use a low energy Bluetooth connection to interact with other devices. For advanced functions, scissor clips and servos are accessories that can be attached.
In one of the projects pictured below, students use the microbits to determine how much moisture is available in the soil. Students are essentially creating their own Moisture Sensors, something that gardeners use and often take for granted, not realizing that someone had to code that sensor in order for it to operate.
Coding can sound very intimidating to people who have never had the exposure before. Students claim to feel more comfortable and confident with this skill after coding microbits. 
Coding Microbits Coding Microbits
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