Greenhouse Bus

There is a diferent kind of school bus cruising the streets of Mercer County, going from school to school, searching for eager students who want to know more about agriculture. Rhonda Elliott, a technology specialist, is teaching students about how to use various types of equipment to help aid the growth of plants. Students utilize soil sensors, which indicate the saturation of the soil. Students also use condition monitors, which allows students to monitor rainfall and temperature data over a period of time.

The bus has solar panels to help control fans and to charge microscopes. During the class, students learn about the plant life cycle, dissect lima beans, examine different plants under the micrscope, as well as learn different techniques that will create prosperous plants. In addition to Mrs. Elliott's lessons, she enlists the help of Mercer County Technical advanced agriculture students to foster and encourage a love of plants.

All of the plants and produce grown on the Greenhouse Bus will be sold at the MCTEC Mercantile Store, which can be visited by the public when school is in session from 9AM-2:30PM. Stop by and check out what Mercer County students have been cultivating!  


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