• As we continue our implementation of the Schoology platform, we are working with the Schoology implementation team on functionality and design issues as well as enhancements we would like to see added to the platform. Please review this list of known issues and enhancement requests. If you have a new issue (not covered here) or an enhancement suggestion, please use the Schoology Issue / Enhancement link to submit your request. 

    Message Center

    • Schoology messages sent from the teacher would appear as a text message, including the content of the message | Status: REQUESTED

      Parents can turn on notifications, including SMS messaging, in their parent account settings. This SMS notification only sends a notice that a message has been sent, it does not include the content of the message. We would like to have the content of that message delivered as an SMS. As of now, parents must also have the Schoology App or access to their email on their mobile device to see the content of the message.

    • Students cannot search for their teacher through the message icon in Schoology | Status: REPORTED

      Students that wish to send a message to their teacher are unable to find the teacher when clicking the message icon > New message > and typing the teacher's name in the box. Students must use the search icon, type in the teacher's name and click "view more  results" to find the teacher, or click their name > their school > and  the faculty tab to find their teacher and send a message.  Students may also click the members link inside their course (if the teacher has made it visible) and find the teacher's name there. 

    • Parents can't send a message to the teacher while in the "student view" on the parent account | Status: REQUESTED

      Parents do not have the ability to send a message to the teacher while viewing the course as their student. They must change their view back to their parent account and then send the message. Parents would like the message icon to be available while in the student view.

    • Messaging limited to the associated school| Status: REQUESTED

      In an effort to maintain privacy and limit interaction outside of a student's school, we would like to keep the privacy setting for messaging set at the school level. Schoology, however, does not allow for multiple school association on parent accounts. This means when a parent signs up for a Schoology account using their child's account, they are associate with THAT child's school only. If they have other children that attend other schools, they an add them, but they are not associated with those other schools. If messaging is restricted to the school level, they can only interact with the first child's school. Teachers of the other children in that household do not see contact options for that parent.  To alleviate this issue, we had to lower the restriction to the district level allowing any user in our district to contact any other user, regardless of school association. Note: This does not affect students, as they are not allowed to contact other students at anytime using the message center.


    • Grade scales cannot be locked at the district level | Status: REQUESTED

      All teachers have the ability to create grade scales for each individual course in addition to the grade scales created at the district level. Once grade pass-back is enabled, any scales that do not match with the criteria established in WVEIS will cause the transfer to fail. We would like the ability to turn off grade scale creation to ensure teachers are only using compatible grade scales.

    • Assign a grade scale to an individual student within a course | Status: REQUESTED

      In order for teachers to use an alternate grade scale for an individual student (i.e.. ESL student), the teacher must first organize the class into grading groups and then duplicate each assignment given, one for the individual student with an alternate scale, and one for the rest of the class.  We would like the ability to assign a grade scale to the student, NOT the assignment, so ALL students can be graded in the same assignment according to their grade scale preference.

    • Grade Reports | Status: REQUESTED

      We would like the ability to print pre-formatted grade reports for individuals and for entire course rosters. As of now, we must print the screen to get a grade report, and it contains all the details about each assignment. We would like a report center that allows the teacher to customize what will print on the report as well as an option to print an overall grade report for that student that shows ALL current courses and the course grade at that point. (i.e.. Interim Report). Teachers would also like the ability to generate a report for a student that shows all "missing assignments" or assignments with a grade at or below a custom value.

    • Transcript for a transfer student | Status: REQUESTED

      When a student transfers to another school, or has a schedule change, the "losing" teacher must manually share grading information about that student with the "receiving" teacher. They must also "unenroll" the student so that the old course is removed from the student view. We would like a transcript report from the previous class be automatically sent (or available) to the receiving teacher. We would also like the overnight data upload to automatically remove the student from the previous course so the "losing" teacher does not have to manually drop the student.

    • Customize the order of assignments in the grade book| Status: REQUESTED

      Assignments can be sorted by ascending and descending dates, using either the date the assignment was created, or the date the assignment is due. Teachers would like the ability to custom sort the assignments (possibly by dragging assignment columns into the desired order).


    • Print blank rosters for attendance / grading | Status: REQUESTED

      Teachers would like the ability to generate a printable PDF roster with blank columns that could be used for manual grading or attendance. This would be especially useful for substitute days, so the sub could have access to the current roster.


    • Archive / Hide Assignments without losing grades already assigned | Status: REQUESTED

      Teachers that utilize a folder system, quickly see a large amount of folders when working with copying and moving assignments. The "unpublish" feature also removes the score so that it's not calcuated in the student's  course grade, so assignments can't be unpublished but rather only moved to other folders.  Teachers would like to be able to mark an assignment as "archived" and have that assignment appear unpublished, and only viewable by going into the archived tab.

    Other Schoology Areas / Topics

    • Assignment Submitted Indicator | Status: REQUESTED

      Mark completed assignments with some sort of indicator so parents and students can quickly see that the assignment has been submitted / completed without having to click on each individual assignment. An assignment overview page that allows for sorting to show all completed, all missing, or all assignments.

    • Administrators cannot view their update posts once they are submitted | Status: REQUESTED

      Administrators can make school-wide update posts but that post disappears from the demonstrators view once it is submitted. Other users for that school can see the post and interact with it, but the administrator no longer sees the post.

    • Teachers cannot manually hide a course that is listed as active | Status: REQUESTED

      Teachers should have the ability to mark a class as "hidden" and remove it from their course listing view. Courses with students assigned would not be able to be hidden.  This would apply to courses that are assigned to teachers without any student enrollment. 

    • Combine Courses with different course  | Status: REQUESTED

      Teacher have the ability to join courses with like course numbers, but different section numbers. We would like the ability to join courses with different COURSE numbers as well. This would allow for mixed grade-level courses as well as special education courses that have different course numbers due to exceptionalities, etc. The grade books would remain separated (as they are now) and students would still see their same view. This would just be a way to combine the view as well as the assignments into one course on the teacher's side.
    • Camera Integration with Schoology | Status: REQUESTED

      Students should be able to access cameras built-in or attached to the device to take pictures of hand-written work and submit to an assignment. As of now, students must use the camera feature outside of Schoology, save the image on their device and then upload that to the Schoology assignment. Students are able to access the microphone on the device directly from the assignment submission area.

    • Grade book Pass back to work with numeric grades | Status: REPORTED

      The ability of the grades to be automatically passed back to WVEIS using numeric values rather than letter values.

    • Tag user accounts so they are ignored in future auto-imports | Status: REQUESTED

      Add the functionality to mark an individual user account as "ignored" so that the account is not updated during the auto-import process.

    • Enable text-to-speech for assessments to be read to students | Status: REQUESTED

      Add the ability to turn on text-to-speech as an assessment setting so that assessments are compliant with student accommodations and as an added tool for students taking the assessment.

    • Direct integration with IXL | Status: REQUESTED

      Add the ability for IXL and Schoology to exchange data so that IXL can be integrated directly into individual courses.