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The Mercer County Board of Education held a "Board Recognizes" event at 6:00 p.m. on March 22, 2022 at the Seminar Center.  Students who competed in Math Field Day, Battle of the Books, Science Fair, Essay Contests, and Robotics were celebrated for their accomplishments.  Coaches of these amazing teams and staff members who give 110% were also honored. 


110% Club


Mercer County Early Learning Center nominates Ms. Donna Pennington for the 110% Club. Ms. Pennington is consistently attuned to her students’ needs. In being so attuned to them, she saved a student from a life threatening issue when the student became severely choked while eating breakfast. Donna instantly responded and performed the Heimlich maneuver. This is the definition of going above and beyond.


110% Club


Heather Farley of the Technology Department has been nominated for the 110% Club. Ms. Farley is an amazing representative of our school system. She is good at making you feel at ease with technology because she is so competent. She is professional, efficient, and so kind. She is always flexible and eager to help and is always eager to learn herself from the trainings she helps everyone with. She is always positive and smiling.



Certificates of Achievement – Regional Math Field Day


The 2021-2022 Regional Math Field Day was held on Saturday March 5, 2022, at WVU Tech in Beckley, West Virginia. These students will now compete in the State Math Field Day on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.


Grade 4

1st Place

Ethan Kim

Bluefield Intermediate School

Grade 4

3rd Place

Braylan Tilley

Melrose Elementary School

Grade 5

1st Place

Drake Lineberry

Mercer Elementary School

Grade 6

1st Place

Joanna Williams

PikeView Middle School

Grade 6

3rd Place

Daniel Eubanks

Princeton Middle School

Grade 7

2nd Place

Denver Riffe

Bluefield Middle School

Grade 8

2nd Place

Lucas Demes

PikeView Middle School

Grade 8

3rd Place

Patrick Robinson

Glenwood School

Grade 10-12

1st Place

Samvat Yadav

Princeton High School

Grade 10-12

3rd Place

Nathan Yost

Bluefield High School

Grade 10-12

6th Place

Samuel Chambers

PikeView High School

Grade 10-12

7th Place

Daniel Creer

Princeton Senior High School

Grade 10-12

10th Place

Michael Paget

PikeView High School



Certificates of Achievement – Essay Contest Winners


Cadets with the Montcalm High School JROTC program recently won first, second, and third place in this year’s Association of the United States Army essay competition. The cadets met at the Hotel Roanoke on March 5, 2022, for the competition. The winning cadets, who will be meritoriously promoted are:


First Place           Cadet Major Emily Estep

Second Place       Cadet Corporal Sarah Pennington

Third Place         Cadet Sergeant First Class Carly McPeak



Certificate of Achievement – National Merit Scholarship Finalist


Samvat Yadav, a senior at Princeton Senior High School, is a 2022 National Merit Scholarship Finalist. The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. Approximately 1.5 million high school students enter the program each year.



Certificates of Achievement – State Science Fair


The 2021-2022 State Science Fair was held on Monday, March 7, 2022, at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center in Charleston, West Virginia. The following students placed in their respective categories:


Kaitlyn Artip

Mercer Elementary School

Third Place

Brooklyn Patterson

Montcalm Elementary School

Second Place

Dawson Riggs

Glenwood School

First Place

Brielle Coburn

Glenwood School

Third Place

Luke Nunn

Montcalm High School

Second Place

Addison Eldridge

Princeton Senior High School

Third Place

Certificates of Achievement – Battle of the Books


Students from Mercer County Elementary Schools participated in the 2022 Mercer County Elementary Battle of the Books on March 8, 2022, at Concord University. The winners were:

First Place: Melrose Elementary School

Janie Wright Kolie Hawks Jaxon Billings

Meredith Seldomridge Isaac Williams

Coaches: Rhonda Thomas and Janet Burton

Runner Up: Montcalm Elementary School

Chloe Keys Ella Carver Hartley Billings Micah Phillips

Savannah Wood Kynzlee Southerland Coach: Karen Lattie


Certificates of Achievement


Students from Bluefield Middle School, Glenwood School, Montcalm High School, PikeView Middle School, and Princeton Middle School participated in the 2022 Mercer County Middle Schools Battle of the Books on March 9, 2022, at Concord University. The winners were:


First Place: Princeton Middle School

Allison Carter Azariah McNary Owen Hackney

Kortney Whittaker Julia Vance Thomas McKenzie

Coach: Brittany Christian


Runner Up: PikeView Middle School, Team 2

Charles Fink Keira Cardona Macy Griffith Emily Chatman Joanna Williams Sakaya James

Coach: Kayla Johnson

Certificates of Achievement


Students from Mercer County Schools’ robotic teams competed at Fairmont State University on March 13, 2022. The 2022 World National Championship will be held in May, 2022, in Dallas, Texas:

Mercer Elementary Teams:


Team 59713D         Ella Bailey

Dawson Petersen Rebecca Hurt Jacob Tinio

Coach: Matt Bailey



Team 59713E         Riley Williams

Cage McMillion James “JD” Hall Brayden Wilamowski

Coach:  Scott Nystrom


Team 59713G         Ella Hall

Ava Coleman Braelyn Christian Coach: Jami Buckner

Team 59713B         Reid Mitchell

Kelsey Avery Lela Conner West Cox

Coach: Donna Sizemore


Team 59713F          Lake McKenzie

Ben Tabor Cayden Webb

Coach: Scott Nystrom


Team 59713H         Rain Ellison

Lilly Tufts Kaitlyn Artrip Jaxson Richards

Coach: Jami Buckner

Team 59713A         Wade Stanley

Kaleb Roberts Annilyn Twitty Jordan Fain Andy Vaughn

Coaches: Kelli Stanley and Angie Neal



Straley Elementary Teams:


Straley 1              Dylan Donithan Elijah Graham Hunter Peake Johnathan Morgan

Straley 2              Kinsley Rode Peyton Hearn Timmy Lee Ryan Barker


Coach: Haley Shrewsbury and Melanie Meachum



 Montcalm Middle School’s Teams:


Team Storm Brain           Marley Kade

Makiya Riffe Kelly Scaggs

Team Robo-Revolution      Jacob Crawford

Gavin Johnson Jerran Pendry


Coach: William Jennings and Cathy Bailey



 PikeView Middle School’s Teams:


Team 1                     Jonah Nolan Landon Palmer


Team 2                     Ben Williams Landon Lester Parker Shrewsbury

Christian Shrewsbury Lucas Demes

Luke Brown

Team 3                     Levi Maddox Joanna Williams Matthew Weiss

Coach: Heather Shrewsbury

 Princeton Middle School’s Teams:


Team A               Cory Thomas Jacob Flanigan Sameer Aboulhosn Miller Cox

Leland Pennington

Team B                Autumn Beeman Zoey Kanode Jadyn Yahya


Team D               Peyton Richards Jessie Graham Aryn Gallman


Team F                Corey Riffe Thomas McKenzie Alex Barrett Memphis Hurt

Coach: Derek Belcher