• Frequently Asked Questions


    A virtual education program will be available for Mercer County students in Grades K-12.  Mercer County will utilize Proximity Learning, which is different from the West Virginia Virtual Program that was offered during the 2020-2021 school year.  With Proximity Learning, students will have 5 days of live instruction per week with a West Virginia certified teacher, set due dates for assignments, a daily class schedule, and access to a local school facilitator.  *Please note:  The tentative start for virtual students is September 1, 2021.   

     Click here to access the Virtual School Calendar! 

    Virtual Department Email: mercercountyvirtualschool@groups.k12.wv.us 

    High School Requirement and Course Progression: https://tinyurl.com/mcpshsreqsandprogression
    Log into Proximity with your student email address and email password at: https://proximity.instructure.com/login/canvas
    Parent accounts can be created at: https://tinyurl.com/proxparent
    - Virtual Families - 
    In an effort to answer your most common questions and resolve some of the most common issues families are experiencing, please see the items below. If you have further questions, please communicate those to your school facilitator in order to help with call volume.  
    When I try to login, I receive an error that says “Invalid Username or Password”. 
    Proximity is still loading and assigning student enrollments that were received after the initial Mercer County deadline of August 11th.  This is taking longer than expected.  Please check with your facilitator to make sure you have the correct email and password that was submitted to Proximity.  If it is incorrect, this can be adjusted in Proximity under user settings after you are able to login the first time.   

    Classes are not showing in Proximity.  What should I do? 
    Proximity is still loading and assigning student enrollments that were received after the initial Mercer County deadline of August 11th.  Please let your facilitator know, and they will be checking to make sure all courses that your student needs are loaded.  

    I have classes that I did not sign up for or I need a schedule change. How can I correct this? 
    Please let your facilitator know, and we will correct this as soon as we are able.  Our district administrators and facilitators are gaining access to the administrative end of Proximity this week.   

    I do not know who my facilitator is. 
    Please contact the school to determine who the facilitator will be.  

    My facilitator is not answering me. 
    Please remember that facilitators are school employees with assignments during the normal school day. They will answer questions as soon as they are able to.  

    I am having issues with Zoom links working. 
    Please address these concerns to our Technology Department at (304) 487-1551, ext. 1234.  

    I did not enroll in virtual, but I want to enroll in virtual now.  
    Tip:  Please let your school know.  They will assign a facilitator and let the district know that your student will need enrolled in the virtual platform.  Please be aware that virtual courses are already in progress and instruction has started.   

    Can I transition back to in-person classes? 
    You have a 15-day grace period as a virtual student and can transition back to the classroom without penalty. After the 15-day grace period, you will not be able to transition to in-person courses until the start of the 2nd grading period.  Please notify your school that you wish to transition back to in-person instruction. 

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