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    Hello Princeton Middle School Tigers!  Can you believe it? You are officially "rising freshman." We want to help guide you through the process of registration and provide important information that will get your journey started off right. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Information about high school

    Your schedule will consist of (6) periods. You are REQUIRED to have 28 credits to graduate from high school by the end of your senior year. If you do not fail any classes,  you will graduate with more than the minimum 28 credits needed. For the next four years, all your classes will be recorded on your high school transcript. This document is an essential tool that is on-going throughout your entire time in high school. It will show every class you attempted, if you passed or failed, and your final grade as well as your overall grade-point average (GPA).

    USE THE CREDIT CHECK SHEET ON THIS PAGE TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR CREDITS each year. Click here for a printable copy. The credit check sheet has the breakdown of the required classes in each core class area, electives and other required classes. When you pass a class, put a checkmark beside that class. If you fail a class, circle it so you know you have to retake it to get credit. Classes that need to be retaken, may be taken anytime they fit your schedule. If, for example,  you failed English 9 in your 9th grade year, it's possible you would take English 9 and English 10 in your 10th grade year.

    If you already took Algebra I, Geometry or Spanish I, these classes are already on your high school transcript and count toward your required 28 credits. You would go ahead and mark them off your checklist.

    Foreign Language - Spanish, French, or any other foreign language classes are electives. Spanish is NOT required to graduate, but if you are planning to attend college, they are highly recommended and some colleges require  that you have (2) years of the same foreign language. If you already have some colleges in mind, start looking at their admission requirements and be proactive as you plan your path through high school.

    You MUST pass a class to get credit for that class. A class passed equals (1) credit earned. If you fail a core class (English, Math, Social Studies or Science) or a required elective (Health or PE) you must retake it until you pass it. Failing classes puts you behind and takes up a period you could have taken the next core required or elective class, unless you do credit recovery after school. You DO NOT have to retake failed elective classes, but you DO have to have at least (9) earned elective credits to graduate. Classes taken at MCTEC are electives. If you want to be a completer at MCTEC yo u must pass (4) classes in the same program and take an end-of-course exam.  You can see a list of classes and programs offered at MCTEC by clicking the links below.

    Embedded Credits - A class you might not have to actually sit for once you are a completer in a program at MCTEC or the high school. A completer is a student who takes and passes (4) classes in the same program. After the student passes the fourth class, they take an end-of-course exam. When the student passes that exam, the class or classes can be embedded are put on the student's transcript and the student does not have to actually take that class if they haven't already done so. An example of this is graphic design embeds Art I, JROTC embeds PE, Health, Civics, etc.

    MCTEC (Mercer County Technical Education Center) - MCTEC is located beside Princeton Senior High School. We have provided two links (below) that give detailed information about the programs offered to high school students as well as the classes required for each of those programs.  When looking at the programs, the first four classes are required to be a completer (complete four required classes and pass the end-of-course exam).  You will find information about each program, the skills you will learn and how you can obtain certifications that can lead to employment within that industry. Remember, each class you take at MCTEC (and pass) goes toward your elective credit requirement for graduation.


    We know that this is a lot of information, and that high school will be a big change. Don't get overwhelmed.  Your counselors are here to help. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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    Other Links

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