1. Identification and referral. When a student is suspected of having a disability, a referral, which is a written or oral request for an evaluation, is given to the school. A parent or adult student may make the referral or it may come from the teacher, principal, etc.


    1. Evaluation. After a referral is made, the school then evaluates the student to determine if there is a disability.


    1. Determination of eligibility. Based on the results of the evaluation, a team decides if the student is eligible to receive special education and related services.


    1. Development of an individualized education program (IEP) and determination of services. If the student is determined eligible to receive special education and related services, a team then develops and implements an appropriate IEP to meet the needs of the student.


    1. Reevaluation. At least every three years the student is reevaluated to determine continued eligibility for special education services.


    Parent/Guardian/Adult student permission is needed prior to evaluation and again before the IEP services begin.


    Evaluation Timeline 

    Student Assistance Team 
    (within 10 days following receipt of referral)  

    Referral for Evaluation* 

    80 Calendar Days 

    Eligibility Committee 

    Individualized Education Program (IEP)* (within 30 days of eligibility)


    *Requires written permission from parent. You may refer your child to the Child Study committee at his/her school, or by calling the Director of Special Education at 304-487-1551, Extension1292.








    July 2018