Professional Employment

  • Professional employment at Mercer County Schools is achieved through two different avenues:

    Selecting an area of interest for future employment

      • Once you have selected an area of interest, you must do the following to be considered for employment:
      • Establish a pre-employment file including the following:
      • If an applicant is interested in one or more positions, please fill out an application for each.  Your application(s) will be retained from May 1 - April 30 of each year.  If you would like for your application(s) to remain on file for an additional year, you must contact the Human Resource Department in writing before May 1 by completing this form (insert link).

     Responding to an advertised position

      • Establish a pre-employment file including the following:
      • Complete Letter of Intent for advertised position.  If you intend to apply for multiple advertised positions, a separate Letter of Intent is required to be completed for each.