Senior Year Timeline


  1. Look over application, noting information requested, essays and deadlines.
  2. Discuss your plans with counselor and ask about any recommendation procedures
  3. Attend College/Technical Education Day at your County Fair and gather information.
  4. Trim your list of choices to 3-6 schools . These should all be appropriate colleges for you to visit, interview, and apply.
  5. Set up campus visits and interview by Thanksgiving or end of first semester. Arrange for interviews with alumni closer to home, if possible.
  6. Register and take the last round of ACT's, SAT's, and Achievements Tests. Bring identification and admission ticket to test center.
  7. Prepare and submit applications by December 1. Colleges do not like rushed, last- minute applications. Have your transcript sent by your counselor with your application. All applications for college admission or for scholarships are to be typed or in black ink . Neatness counts!
  8. Use your Scholarship/Financial aid booklet and apply for eligible scholarships. Apply for the Promise Scholarship and WV Grant by January 31.
  9. Ask your chosen colleges if there are any special scholarships for which you may qualify and complete applications.
  10. Early decision usually must be done by November 15 or December 1.


  1. Take Achievement Test in subjects that are required by the colleges to which you are applying. Check dates for Achievement Tests--they are only given periodically. You can take a test in a subject in which you are currently enrolled.
  2. Check to be sure that colleges receive all application information. Do not assume that test scores have arrived or that recommendation letters have been received.
  3. If you are applying to a selective college, the deadlines are usually between January 1 and March 1. MEET ALL DEADLINES.
  4. Get the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completed as soon as possible after Jan. 1; Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day are good target dates to have it mailed. (The FAFSA is usually available in December but cannot be mailed until after Jan. 1.)
  5. On the FAFSA - a. Apply for all types of financial aid . b. List names of schools and their codes to receive the forms. c. Mail the FAFSA at the latest by March 1 in the envelope provided or, preferably, apply online at by March 1.
  6. Apply for aid at your chosen school; complete individual school forms, in addition to the forms listed above.
  7. Last chance to take SAT's and ACT's.
  8. Read and follow instructions on Student Aid Report (SAR ) received from Pell Grant. The SAR is to be sent to the college financial aid office, not the high school unless the instructions with it say the college has already received it electronically . A duplicate SAR, if necessary, may be obtained by calling (319) 337-5665. Have Social Security Number ready when calling.
  9. Complete and return all forms from colleges to which you have applied.


  1. Notification of decision by selective colleges occurs between March 15 and April15.
  2. Apply for housing at college; some schools require deposit in early spring.
  3. Follow instructions on award letter received from college , the WV Grant Program and the Promise Scholarship. Formally accept the award in writing by the deadline.
  4. Make your final choice and notify all schools of your intent by May 1.
  5. Apply for Student Loans if needed; see financial aid booklet.
  6. Notify your Counselor by May 1 of any scholarships received, especially if you wish to be recognized at any scholarship awards programs. Notify colleges of your acceptance of scholarship awards.