Mr. Carl W. Schrock, former president of EIMCO Machinery International, visited Memorial School today to make a substantial donation to help kids in Mercer County. His generous donation will be used to purchase classroom collections of children’s books featuring West Virginia authors, a series of books relating to scientific discoveries, and literature featuring Caldecott and Newbery award winners. Funds will also go to help provide kits for “hands-on” projects focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Additionally, because of Schrock’s generosity, students from Memorial will be afforded an opportunity to take field trips, due to transportation expenses being covered, to places like the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Coal Camp, the Clay Center Discovery Museum and Planetarium, the state capitol, and the Governor’s Mansion. Schrock, who held the belief that there was no such thing as an eight hour day, was born in Gray, Pennsylvania, in 1931. His father gave him the courage and discipline to study and think of the future, while his mother consistently displayed love, kindness, and concern for those less fortunate. He graduated from Somerset High School in 1949 where he was an honor student, avid athlete, and president of his senior class. After graduation, the next step for Schrock was to pursue a degree in Mining Engineering from Penn State. Known for his sense of humor, Schrock once said,“ I was in the half of the graduating class that created an opening in the top half.” In September of 1952, he married Nancy, who became a school teacher. Together they had two children. 

Before his rise to prominence in the coal industry, Schrock was drafted into the military where he served at Fort Knox and Fort Hood. He actually began his years of employment as a youngster selling opossum hides, selling newspapers, and working as a hand-loader in low coal. Prior to becoming the CEO of EIMCO, Schrock worked at JOY Manufacturing for thirty-two (32) years, and he went from a trainee to Group Vice President. During this time, he spent two (2) years as a salesman in Bluefield. According to Schrock, his various positions not only took him to the coal operations in the United States but also to operations throughout the world. While enjoying every job or action, the most rewarding were when he met with the mining people in Southern West Virginia, South Western Virginia and Western Kentucky. 

Dr. Deborah Akers, Superintendent, and the Mercer County Board of Education would like to thank Mr. Carl Schrock for his generous donation to Memorial School.